How to recognize a real alpha male?

Tired of not getting what you want? Of always being the second option? Tired of doing everything for her and getting no result? It seems that only you are unlucky in conquest, isn’t it?

Out of nowhere comes some guy who, as much as you don’t understand, doesn’t do anything close to what you do and still gets the girl of his dreams. Do you know the difference between you and him? This guy is an alpha male.

What is alpha male?

The alpha male is a term that associates a specific animal among species that roam in packs. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet which indicates that the animal is the leader of its group.

By being the most important, you receive perks. That is, he is the first to feed and can select the female he wants for breeding. In exchange, he offers security to the gang, he is fearless and defends them tooth and nail.

What is it like to be an alpha male?

The term refers to prominent men, not only when it comes to love relationships, but also family, social and business ones.

That man you catch your eye and feel envy, even if you don’t admit it, wants to be equal to or part of what he is. And women, by simply looking at the alpha male, surrender, desire him.

How to identify an alpha person?

The alpha male is present. It’s impossible not to notice when he arrives somewhere. Also, people respect him, he has friends, and those who aren’t close look up to him. As for women, they forget anyone around them if he approaches.

It exudes confidence, security, but the strangest thing is that you don’t have to do anything for it, just exist. For this reason, it is quiet, comfortable wherever it lives.

He is decisive, successful, stylish, but not vain. A born leader, not only in the business world, but even in social environments, in his group of friends, for some reason, stands out.

Characteristics of an alpha male

The alpha male is confident, and that trait comes from appreciating himself. In other words, he takes care of himself, his body and his mind. By knowing himself, he knows exactly what he wants and fights tooth and nail to achieve the place he wants.

He knows very well the world we live in and how the game works, he knows that it’s no use screaming or crying for things to change, so he learns the rules and plays, he doesn’t whine, he acts.

He knows what’s good and what’s bad, but he doesn’t play the victim. Quite the contrary, he works his strength until he becomes an authority on it. Because he has such knowledge, he does not hesitate, he has no doubts, he asserts himself because he trusts in himself.

How to be an alpha male

Okay, you already know how to spot an alpha male, but now, how can you become one? Even if it seems that such attitudes are inherent in that particular person, there is a way to develop alpha characteristics in yourself.

Some men are already born with part of them and by themselves, they already understand how everything works and how they can take advantage of it. The good news is that now that you know how they behave, you can work on these traits for yourself.

Trust is earned through self-knowledge and honesty. Becoming an alpha male has nothing to do with pretending to be something you’re not, but developing some attitudes in yourself, and in that way, building the structure on a solid foundation.

If you can honestly identify your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll understand your limits and realize that it’s okay not to be good at everything. To build confidence be the best at what you are already good at.

As time passes, you get used to it and start to realize that you like yourself. With that, it’s natural to look for ways to take care of yourself by eating better and practicing physical exercises. For you, not for other people.

Likewise, you’ll start to dress better, work on your own style, and stop being a generic version of the man you’d like to be.

By knowing yourself, you know the place you want to be and you will feel the urge to pursue your goals. If you don’t feel capable, empower yourself, study, work, gain experience, don’t let people put you down.

Fight for what you want to achieve in your personal life. The job of your dreams, the car of your dreams, whatever, pursue what you want.

The alpha male in seduction. How to be an attractive alpha male?

“But what I want is a woman.”

So, now it’s time to get you real.

Conquering women is not the goal of an alpha man, it is a consequence. Women are attracted to a man’s confidence, security and power. If their interest was in an affectionate sycophant, you would already have the results you expect.

She wants someone decided, who doesn’t depend on her to live. Someone who has complete control over her own life to the point where she wants to be a part of it.

This doesn’t mean you should be selfish and look down on them, quite the contrary. The point here is that trust and all its consequences will help you when it comes to winning.

You will feel so secure with yourself that approaching a woman and starting a conversation is no longer a big deal. By being the best in his area and knowing what he likes and dislikes, he becomes someone interesting and able to maintain a dialogue.

By taking care of yourself, her eyes will be on you as a healthy body and style appeals to her. Having a life of your own, dedicating yourself and thus having other activities besides meeting her, will make her want to meet you again.

Do you understand the difference? Alpha men don’t live for women, they live for themselves, and in addition, they conquer them. That’s what being a real alpha male is all about.