How to regain freedom and reinvent yourself after divorce


Divorce has a lot of negative connotations.

General ill-being, emotional turmoil, financial uncertainty, depression, stress, lawyers and procedures… such was your daily life.

While the process is psychologically difficult, many people consider divorce to be in fact a liberation.

Your marriage has probably been on the spot for a while, and now you can finally put it all behind you. No more conflict, no more arguments or bickering.

You are divorced. You are free. Now is the time to start the next chapter in your life.

The period immediately following a divorce can be a good time to reinvent yourself and take advantage of this new freedom. Here are some ideas of how and where to start.

New life, new look and total freedom: update your wardrobe and change your image

A great way to give yourself a post-divorce confidence boost is to invest in your image.

A new life, a new YOU!

Even if you don’t feel like you need it, a change of clothes and a little makeover is psychologically very beneficial and very rewarding. A new look that redefines your personality is very beneficial and will do you good. Building a new image for yourself, maybe even one that will reconcile you with your old passions or your innermost being and your values ​​is a great thing after a divorce.

Reinvent your activities and your hobbies

Now is the time to challenge yourself in sport like getting back to sport, or doing it more often. Change clubs, review your sports schedule and start jogging or cycling or swimming. Get oxygenated, go outside to practice with an association.

Don’t stay locked up. Sport is a vector for meeting people and surpassing oneself so even if you are a little shy or weary of the situation you have just gone through, and if you haven’t already done so, join a club. You will meet new people there and make new connections.

Now is the time for you to redefine your hobbies and subscribe to new things like your favorite team’s matches, theater, cinema, concerts in your favorite hall that you shunned during your wedding, etc. Go for it!

If you prefer to support a cause or defend values ​​then go there too! Now is the time to join a charity or get involved with your ideas. There too you will make new extraordinary encounters with exceptional people.

Life is rich, go towards your happiness and realize yourself through your activities.

Meet people, go out and return to the world of seduction

While it is sometimes considered “wise” and “conventional” to avoid “transient” relationships immediately after divorce, you still need to think about your future.

It can be a little intimidating at times especially if you haven’t been dating in years, but with the current numbers of couples going through divorce and the statistics on the rise, there are millions of people just like you.

You could subscribe to a few online dating sites that are working better and better. Try it out, it’s often free for a month or try a no-obligation online offer.

If you prefer people who are dear to you and enjoy the excitement of finding a second “youth” somewhere, do so. Go to bistros, hang out at night in trendy cafes in big cities, and ask your friends to introduce someone to you.

Whatever you do, have confidence in yourself and go meet new people it will do you good to renew a relationship.

Recall your old friends

We are all overwhelmed with life, work, kids, family and in-laws and have little time for all of our friends. So we lose sight of some of them and the job leading us to move we only see them on social networks … at best.

Now that you are separated / divorced and have more freedom, you should have time to call back your old buddies and reconnect with your old acquaintances.

Call that co-worker from your old job who you got along with so well or that ex-roommate you haven’t seen since college. Revive your memory, dig a little into your old memories, there are surely some friends that you have not seen for some time. This will bring novelty and the joy of reunion and surely new encounters through them.

Share moments with them and laugh at the divorce. he is now behind you so make fun of him! All these conflicts and all these setbacks to get there! 

Take a vacation and get away from it all

While it is essential for your wallet that you keep your budget as a responsible steward after the divorce, it is also essential to make yourself happy now.

If you have some savings available or you can devote part of your income to it or even a bonus or your 13th month, then take a vacation!

You’ve probably spent the last few months working hard to come back up the hill and rebuild yourself. You had to go through the hearings and other journeys of your divorce. You had to face multiple problems to re-configure things around you, sometimes even going so far as to clean up your relationships and sort out your friends.

After all this accumulated stress and everything that led to your divorce, you owe it to yourself. It’s time to think about yourself a little and be a little selfish for your greater good.

Take a week and go rest somewhere to recharge your batteries and clear your mind.

Sometimes we say it’s bad for good. This is true in the case of a divorce. The novelty here is in the freedom you have now gained to do whatever you want.

Imagine fading in the alleys of a city as you discover or sipping a few cocktails on the tropical beach. Savor the idea of ​​discovering new sensations, new scents, tasting new things, spicing up your life through new encounters or new activities. The world is big and colorful! It’s up to you to discover it with a new perspective and a new philosophy.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln

Reinvent your interior

In your past you have lived and accumulated objects, furniture or memories attached to these material goods. You have created shared habits and you are no doubt worried about this void that divorce leaves. You shared your furniture or left everything with your ex. this feeling of separation persists in objects sometimes. Clear the space!

You don’t have to worry about what the other person will think now. Your house or apartment is yours and you can add your own personal touch to the decor.

So reinvent your interior! indulge yourself with new colors that you wouldn’t have dared with your ex. Play with new shapes and associations of old and new objects. Create new patterns, reorganize your home in an original way or bring out what you liked before and that your ex didn’t like (we sometimes put aside ideas that we liked and on which we had to make concessions).

It’s time to reclaim your home. And your interior and the reflection of your deep personality, your tastes and your desires.

If you have kept your residence, house or apartment then make yourself an interior, a home in your image. Coocoon yourself and make yourself a peaceful place where you will enjoy spending time. A place that will bring you new joys and that will reflect your new life. Home staging is your watchword!

Here are some ideas for moving on and reinventing yourself after a separation or divorce.