How to stop being addicted to a man who is not worth it?

Ladies, you should know that everyone makes mistakes in love, whether in their married life or in choosing their partner. On the other hand, what is important is not to reproduce them again to avoid falling into a repetitive pattern . It is indeed when we experience several failures in a row that we lose confidence in ourselves but also in love.

So to give you every chance of no longer being addicted to a man who is not worth it, I have put forward the two tips that are best suited to your situation. Remember that it is necessary to change your habits when you want to obtain different results, and that you will therefore have to take specific actions to fight against your old habits. These actions are different depending on which case you are in. for example if your behavior is dictated by the fear of losing it, you should not act as if your attitude is linked to a painful sentimental past. To go further in the analysis, I therefore suggest that you go through a coaching session in order to pinpoint what is not working and that we together establish the priorities as well as the appropriate exercises. 


Most of the women who contact me for coaching support to find love and stabilize their love situation find themselves in a catastrophic situation wanting to save the furniture from a story that had started very badly. Please don’t get into a serious relationship when the basics are shaky.

If you do meet a married man, if you hear the following phrase “I love you very much but I am not ready to engage in a serious relationship”, if you have a man who does everything to win you over during the first few weeks but which subsequently flees without giving you any further news then RUN before it is too late … The more you persevere at the start, the more difficult it will be to detach yourself afterwards.

You should never hope that you can change a wobbly situation because you will have more to lose than to gain. Indeed, even if I understand that it is not easy not to go to the end of things, it is much more complex to recover from a disillusionment when the feelings have had time to set in.

This is why you must avoid getting into a love affair where the basics are not stable and serene from the start, otherwise you will become addicted to a man who will not give you the attention and value you deserve. This does not mean that everything must be perfect from day one, but rather that a notion of balance in the couple must exist. The idea is not to immediately assert yourself in the couple , but to show that we can correspond and thus maintain the attraction between you and the man you have met. Indeed, when the relationship begins immediately with a relationship of dominated couple dominated, in general it does not bring anything good.

So what would you say to start by putting a stronger personal value on yourself to only accept the meetings that you like and that meet your requirements in terms of stability and exchanges?

But before that, you will have to make efforts on your own to organize your life better.


To avoid being completely over a man , you just need to organize your daily life and occupy your mind so that you think less of the one who shares your life.

By agreeing to build yourself “without” your partner, you make the decision to take control of your life and set personal goals. This is how you will rediscover a personal value and you will be able to make him want to conquer your heart. Do not forget the notion of balance in love that I constantly advocate!

What do you do every day to be happy?

What do you do every day to fight the fear of losing it?

What efforts are you planning to change your romantic habits that are preventing you from de-dramatizing?

It is by answering these questions, by looking at things with hindsight that you will understand what it takes to put in place to be less dependent on a man you barely know in the end.


You know that you risk becoming addicted to the men you date too soon,  and you cannot easily free yourself from them. So are you looking for advice on how to build a relationship despite a low level of confidence in your dating potential?

You have to take into account the notion of time and duration to implement a real change. So to make sure you build a stable romantic relationship, I simply recommend that you first forget the notion of a couple and consider that the most important thing is seduction between partners.

Every day you will have to seek to enjoy the present moment, to discover the man who shares your life and to do everything to constantly seduce him. The goal is not to put pressure on yourself by envisioning the future too quickly, but rather by realizing your strengths and the need to let go.

This situation of continuous seduction should help you gain confidence and also position yourself on a new axis, that of enjoying life while being alone at first. Happiness is certainly shared, but to be happy together you must already be fulfilled on your side .

To avoid panicking or becoming emotionally dependent, I recommend that you balance all of your lives: personal, professional, friendly, family and finally sentimental. This is ideal so as not to focus on the need to have a man at all costs.

It is only then, that is to say when the equilibrium is reached, that you can decide to develop yourself with him, and that you will be able to ask yourself questions such as how to make love with your man , what what could make him happy, how to better dialogue, in what way and to what extent show him that I like me …

Finally, the last tip is precisely to invest in yourself to find an image that corresponds to your desires, to overcome your past thanks to sentimental coaching for example and to work on the management of your emotions. There are many activities (salsa lessons, fitness room, registration in an association …) to try or set up to open up to others (without necessarily thinking of seduction at first) … So it’s up to you!

I wish you the best to stop being addicted to the men you just met and to build a relationship on a stable basis .