how your emotional environment influences your mood and your results ?

In this article, I explain how  your emotional environment influences your mood and your results. We will see how to make the necessary corrections and what to do if people or events influence your happiness in this way.

So, what vibrational frequencies are you tuned into?

Everything that happens in our life is subject to the law of attraction, to the vibrations that magnetize or repel what we want to be or have, whether we believe in it or not.

Everything is relative to the vibrational frequency that we maintain (thoughts, emotions, beliefs). Imagine radio frequencies as we know them. If you want to listen to a rock music station, you might tune your radio to 91.9, for example. But if you want to listen to classical music, you might put it on the 107.1 frequency.

In life, it’s the same thing. If you direct your vibrations towards more negative, you will attract negative things. Just as if you vibrate more positively, you will promote abundance and well-being in everything in your life. Avoid blaming yourself for not having done it before, we don’t learn that right away in society.

It is a fact that in the life of any human being there are ups and downs, regardless of the knowledge acquired. We are not immune to getting lost whoever we are, but we come back faster when we have these basics.

Daily report

When evening comes, ask yourself  , “What were my joyful moments today? » And savor them with full awareness along the way, of course.

Also ask yourself  , “What kind of energy do I cultivate from morning to night?” Is it aligned with who I really want to be and achieve in my life? »

Feeding on fears, shadows, complaints, attracts energies of the same frequencies. If you hang out with pessimistic people too. It’s like injecting something more or less harmful. Everything we see and feel is energy vibrating in different forms or frequencies. We need only think of electricity, heat, material things, our cells, disease, healing, air, water, steam, etc.

From day to day, observe the type of vibrations that you emit.

Realize that these vibrations influence the course of your happiness and success. They have the power to create what materializes in your life. Enjoy it!

Emotional overload influences your energy and can even drain it just as much as the clutter in your home, for example, if there is one.

Detaching yourself from what lowers your energy (useless things that weigh you down, clutter) is a source of rebirth and joy. An orderly place, an orderly mind, well aligned with the desire to choose yourself with love, is an indicator of the value you hold for yourself. An environment that inspires influences our energy and we could say that it is a reflection of the attention we give ourselves.

This process of rebirth will have a major impact on your well-being and quality of life and will foster new opportunities as your vibrations will shift and attract differently.

Be on the lookout for anything that lowers your energy. Is it a person, a situation? See to settling everything, and this is done by starting to shed light in yourself on what makes you attract this kind of situation.


To practice how you feel, walk around your house and take things out of your drawers or here and there, and by touching them, observe your emotions.

What’s going on inside you?  Is it happy, light, heavy, sad? This will give you many answers about the impact of your environment and your connection to you.

Do you feel your energy increasing or decreasing?

Does this object make you feel good or turn you off?

I share with you the story of a lady  who had just gone to buy a decorative item. Upon her return home, a shouting match took place between her and her husband over another matter.

From there, she observed that she wasn’t doing well as she passed by this object, even though she thought it was beautiful and she didn’t make the connection for quite a while. Until the day she made that realization and gave it away.

For your part, take pleasure in eliminating the objects that weigh you down and highlight the objects that increase your joy, your well-being. Get help to do the same with your emotions. Have fun and I’ll come back to you with the rest of these thoughts…in a few days.

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