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Hugs Are Good For You

To hug is a delight, one of the most beautiful sensations there is. During this magical moment, nothing else exists, well-being invades bodies and minds. Do we even know why? Several studies have shown the beneficial impact of hugs.

Hugs are good, they are even excellent “medicine” for our health. Only a few seconds are enough to lower blood pressure and therefore reduce the risk of heart disease. Thanks to this small gesture of affection, you strengthen your immune system and greatly reduce the risk of depression and stress. And then, how to do without this well-being that invades you?

Several studies have shown that the hug generates the release of oxytocin, the hormone of pleasure and attachment. And that’s not all. Cuddling your child develops the part of their brain that controls memory, learning, and stress management, according to research from Washington University .

In short, everyone agrees that hugs are good, beyond their role in the romantic relationship . But it is true that in the context of the couple, the hug reveals the best of it.

The hug in the couple

At the beginning of the couple, there is the meeting. At this moment which sees the birth of the relationship, the two lovers in the making are sometimes a little embarrassed.

The hugs will then allow this meeting and then become the means of getting to know and discover each other, without necessarily having to verbalize a “I love you”.

The gestures and the benevolent attention that the hugs transmit are enough for this moment of happiness . The bond between the two people becomes stronger, then the embarrassment fades over time, giving way to complicity.

… And if neither of them hear this “I love you”, both of them feel it, and it is even louder.

A couple sleeping together unconsciously strengthens their bonds. Being glued to each other connects the two minds. But not only, as this study shows:

Some 514 participants were observed and compared in a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior which shows that the number of daily hugs and the level of general satisfaction in the couple are closely related. Its author, Robert Edelstein, observes a “love amplifier” effect on the hug:

Our research suggests that people feel more attracted and feel more affection towards their partner when they cuddle. But they also cuddle more because they feel attraction and affection for their partner.

In addition, a session of cuddling which is prolonged often leads the couples towards the s*xual act. As a result, partners who hug often make love more frequently. Hugs are therefore a way to maintain the romantic relationship, to strengthen the bonds between two sentient beings.

Another revelation from the survey: Do women like hugs more than men? false.  When it comes to hugging, men and women are on an equal footing.

Hug a tree

If no one is unfortunately available for a hug, know that trees are heartwarming. And this is not a joke!

Several studies claim that this majestic creation of nature triggers certain psychological effects. Hugging a tree improves concentration levels and helps fight depression or other mental illnesses. In the United States, it has become quite a trend and some people sometimes put up a “free hugs” sign.

“Cuddle therapy” for all

With regard to the benefits it produces, its repercussions on health and its free delivery: let’s declare the hug “number 1 friend of the human being”, and preserve him the best future that can be by making so many hugs. as possible on a daily basis. History to put a little tenderness in this hard world.