I couldn’t tell you everything: Silence or lie what is right?

Silence, lie what is right?

I couldn’t tell you everything

Because I was afraid of your reaction.

I couldn’t tell you everything

because I love you.

I couldn’t tell you everything

When you weren’t ready to hear it.

I couldn’t tell you everything

Because I wasn’t strong enough.

I couldn’t tell you everything

At the end of our path.

I couldn’t tell you everything

Forgive me.

Silence, lying are stages in love that we do not always know how to master.

They can invade you and make you vulnerable and deeply aware of the consequences that this can sometimes have.

But then why are silence and lies inevitable in love? Why are they so just, however, when these come from the sincerity of the heart?

Is the place of secrecy in love necessarily harmful for one and for the other? How do you make it conscious in a relationship to pursue love with your partner?

We all lie.

It is impossible to live without lying. It seems that every person instinctively lies on a daily basis.

What is a liar? It’s someone who knows the truth and who will decide whether to tell it or not.

Some will judge this and say that it is better to dare to say everything without any restrictions.

Lies are not synonymous with insincerity.

Most of the time the lies are instinctive, occasional but they can also be permanent.

Two attitudes can be distinguished here.

There are those who will tell altruistic lies.

It is an act which starts from us, from our sincerity but which is not real.

We talk about lying by convention, by altruism. I don’t lie out of dishonesty but I don’t tell the truth out of consideration for others.

And that is why we speak of an altruistic lie.

I take the person into consideration and tell him what I think based on what he is able to hear.

It is a kind of empathy that starts from the love we feel for the other but also to protect ourselves in our relationship with others. We lie so as not to hurt him, for example, we lie to him for fear of being deprived of his love.

We lie because we don’t have confidence, we lie for fear of losing everything and not being enough for ourselves.

And then there is the selfish lie . Those who use it to highlight their own image, to enhance themselves.

So you can see that this is specific to everyone and to their intimacy, their experience, their history. You will certainly also understand, having experienced it, that it is not so simple as that to know what will be the fairest attitude to adopt.

And then there is this question of how far can the lie go, how far is it acceptable for both partners?

Lying by omission or politeness, we all lie. Lying is even necessary for his social and intimate relationships. It places the individual in his being and responsible for his relationship. And that does not mean that we are manipulators.

We will therefore have to distinguish between the liar that we all are and who is aware of the amorality of lying and the more devastating liar who lies constantly and whose level of consciousness will be very low or even non-existent.

To define the lie is also to put your finger on the place of the unsaid in love. It is to consider that beyond the lie it is the silence which settles in a Relationship.

Up to what point is this acceptable, forgivable?

And if we transformed together this unsaid into full consciousness of love …

The unsaid of Love

It’s an average day when I wake up and I feel a truth inside of me. I am on the lookout for a truth that I seek deeply and that I can no longer express so much my soul needs to get out of this environment that no longer makes me grow, move forward.

Feel like I’m wasting my time here. That I lose my bearings.

To feel that my heart is fleeing from the truth because I have left room for the unsaid. I gave way to them because I was actually trying to survive. I tried to get out of it and I couldn’t do it in front of you.

I tried all the strategies to make up for the lies, the silences. These things left unsaid that have settled over time.

And why I’m in so much pain because I believe that in our relationship we should have simply made room for secrecy and admitted it to each other, told it to each other so as not to bruise and hurt each other with guilt.

The unspoken love those who feed us and let take place as evidence in the relationship, a mist of love and yet I love you as I can .

I won’t tell you that because I know it will hurt you.

I won’t tell you that because when we lost this child together, well you wouldn’t have understood how much it hurt to lose part of my life, you wouldn’t have been able to enter into my devastated privacy. .

There was this unsaid when I met this other person and it seemed to me that we looked alike, that we could say anything to each other when it was you who was by my side.

So many things left unsaid that I have been told and which demonstrates how much the unsaid settles in and becomes a third person in the couple.

The unsaid of love because I continue to love you in this unsaid because I feel inside me that it’s a love that can’t go away suddenly.

The unspoken love is a path in the relationship.

Everyone finds themselves there at some point in their own relationship.

Because the unspoken love is linked to our love for ourselves and for others.

Like those last chances, those last revenges that go back so far you know.

In our childhood very often, these wounds that we would so much like to remove and that we cannot. And then all these prohibitions that we create for ourselves in the relationship of fear of the other by denying our own existence and our own intimate path.

Lies and silence inevitably occur in this journey where your wound and mine meet. There are passages that it is difficult to find together.

It would then be a question of learning to grow in one’s story, of learning to no longer be a child, but rather to take care of one’s inner child.

The lie a step to grow.

The lie that rounds off life.

Silence to understand.

And despite this silence I hear your voice, I hear the love between us.

The taste of conscious secrecy

As I said there are devastating and necessary silences and lies for a new evolution on its way and they will inevitably bring about a turning point in life.

And then there is this place of secrecy in love, this unspoken love that is part of life, of the relationship between two.

How then can we consider that these are not harmful for all that?

How do you work to welcome these unknown spaces into a relationship and become aware of them and transform them into something just because they are part of existence?

Because what is left unsaid inevitably creates a break with oneself first and then with the person opposite.

But if the taste for secrecy has a conscious place then it can be completely different. It is in a way accepting the way of the other while not knowing it in the slightest secrets.

We all have our secret fields, our intimacies. There are places that are not necessarily going to be nurtured by the person we live with. And that does not mean that there is no more love and that everything must stop.

However, if we decide to be in a Love Relationship with someone, it will be a question of creating this temple of secrecy in a way, by becoming aware of it.