I like deep people, who speak with emotion

I am talking to you here about atoms, death, space, philosophy, politics, s*x, trips to Asia, to New York or to the Moon.

I want you to tell me all the lies you’ve been able to tell throughout your life, to let me know what you think about when you kiss me, I want you to talk to me with emotion.

I don’t want you to blame me, tell me what to do, judge me or make me feel guilty.

Don’t try to manipulate me , neither pretend you care about me and then disappear without a word. I don’t want such people in my life.

“Don’t worry about people from your past; if they haven’t reached your future, it’s for a reason ”

-Paulo Coelho-

I don’t want toxic people in my life

Many people pass through our life at different times; some remain, and others disappear.

Sometimes, when going out of our life, a person leaves a void that is difficult to fill because he has transmitted emotion to us, and other times, when a person disappears, we feel soothed and released; these are the toxic people .

Learning to identify people who are toxic takes time and experience, and is also based on knowing ourselves that we can value ourselves and submit to criticism from another person. But, how do you identify a toxic person?

Toxic people are not honest

Usually, a toxic person tries to exercise power over or victimize others in order to manipulate them.

Somehow, she gets to do what she wants and gets you to act the way she wants.

It is for this reason that it is important to have a strong self-esteem, not to let others manipulate us or affect our emotions.

“Some people sow happiness wherever they go: others sow it when they go”

Oscar Wilde

Toxic people are gossips

A toxic person loves to criticize and talk about others behind their backs; she uses everything that is told to her to do harm or harm.

Avoid telling anything to a toxic person, and don’t allow people to lie to you or talk badly about you or other people.

Toxic people always need to be accepted

The need to be loved and accepted is characteristic of toxic people. They need permanent recognition and acceptance because they are people who create conflict and are selfish. They think of themselves and not of others.

Good relationships make us happier and healthier

At Harvard University, researchers did an incredible study based on analyzing multiple people across their lifetimes to find out what makes a person happy and healthy. The Study is called “Adult Development Study”.

724 people were followed from their adolescence until their old age, ie approximately 75 years.

Year after year, they were asked about their work, their family life, their health. The problem was, the study was very long, the researchers had funding issues, and some people wanted to drop out. At the end of the study, there were only about sixty people alive, who had already reached 90 years.

Decades of recorded conversations and an analytical study of brain scans later, the conclusion was very clear: According to Robert Waldinger (fourth director of the study), good relationships make us happier and healthier.

I want people who give me emotion

I like people who give me energy, who have confidence in me, who support me in my decisions and who don’t judge me, who make me see the positive side of things, who encourage me when I’m bad and who convey their enthusiasm to me.

“I know all the theories and I master all the techniques, but when I touch a human soul, I am just another human soul”

-Carl G. Jung-

I like people who give me their emotion for the things they do, for life, people who are passionate, who laugh and who cry.

The kind of people with whom after a few minutes of conversation, you want to live life to the fullest and do millions of things.

A person full of positive energy smiles at life, is always where they need to be, knows how to take care of their body and mind, has learned to put things into perspective and learn from their mistakes, their joy and their love for others, knows how to take advantage of her moments of solitude, and seizes the opportunities that present themselves to her.

I like that kind of people.

By: Camille Legrand

Source: nospensees.fr