I love her but I can’t show her my love

Are you in a relationship with a great man and want to learn how to show him your love better? How to express your feelings when you are afraid to trust love again? How to show a man that I love him without scaring him when we are still in the seduction phase?

It’s never easy to know how to show interest and love to a man whether you’re dating or in an established relationship. This article aims to give you the keys to better express his feelings, especially if you tell yourself I love him but I can’t show him my love. Do not imagine that you are the only one in this situation, in view of my experience and of all the women I have accompanied, I am able to affirm that this is a problem encountered by nearly one in two people. .

Since 2007 I have had the chance to accompany thousands of women with always the same objective, that of answering specific questions concerning male psychology but also for  personal development issues in  order to help them express their feelings or reveal their attraction without fear of reliving a conflictual relationship with a man. During these thousands of hours of coaching, I was able to analyze, understand and overcome different issues to help you manage this situation.

So if you are wondering how to show your love or attraction to a man? Or how do you learn to manage your emotions when you say to yourself “I love her too much” and it’s hard to be natural? I invite you to read this article carefully and ask me any questions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

How do I know if I really love her?

Before even starting in a deeper analysis, it is about the great one which deserves that one is delayed there a moment. Sometimes we can be in a phase of questioning and we wonder if  it is love or attachment . Everyone has already asked this famous question “How do I know if I really love him?”.

You have the impression of having met a man with whom you have everything to be happy with, but unfortunately there are always details that upset you and this leads to questions.

You find it hard to let go completely and you don’t really know if he’s the man of your life, if he’s “the right one”.

So ladies, to properly tame your feelings and not realize his value once he has made the decision to stop, I’m going to deliver to you on a platter the question you must ask yourself to  find out if this man is the good  : “Am I really happy?”.

Feelings can’t take over the notion of happiness and that’s why by trying to answer this question sincerely, you will be able to know if you really love him and if your couple has a future.

If you realize that you could be even happier, then I’m just going to recommend that you take action to be more selfish to build a relationship that you’re an “actor in”.

This means that you will no longer leave full powers to the man but take control in order to see if you can find happiness by persevering with him, but by modifying certain parameters of the couple. If despite the changes nothing evolves then it is that it is perhaps necessary to think of another relationship.

I love her but we are not together yet, what to tell her?!

Many women contact me because they find themselves in a delicate situation. They feel very strong feelings for a man but unfortunately do not manage to conquer him definitively because the latter is still a little behind.

In this situation, you find yourself with a man who is afraid of commitment, who is not ready to settle down in a relationship and to conquer his heart you will do everything to give him pleasure. But paradoxically, it is by adopting such behavior that you appear acquired and that you lose all your chances of being able to envisage the future with him.

I know that what I’m asking you goes against your nature and that you don’t usually run away from a man you love and yet it’s essential if you really want to consider a serious story. .

If a man is aware that you love him and you have the impression that he is the man of your life then he will not be able to commit because he will feel your main need. It is important for the male sex to put you on a pedestal, to idealize you, to consider you a femme fatale and that is why you should  never show a man that you are crazy or that you have had a favorite if you are not yet in a relationship together.

Masking  his feelings  is important to maintain a flirtatious situation where you can arouse his love and engage him in your relationship. As I often say in coaching “a man cannot fall in love with a woman who already is!”.

Do violence to yourself to keep a distance, to propose appointments that are original but above all to avoid taking the first step so that he simply gets used to making them.

I love him but I can’t show him my love and he doesn’t see it…

Another problem that I frequently encounter is all the women who find themselves with a dissatisfied man because you love him but he does not realize your efforts. Very often, this is a situation where you are in a relationship with a shy partner or one who lacks confidence in him. You tell yourself “  I love him but I find it hard to show him  because he doesn’t believe me! “.

Never satisfied, you are unable to  meet their expectations  and you also gradually lose confidence in yourself. Despite all your efforts, you have the impression that it is never enough and yet, in the opinion of all your relatives, you are not already doing enough.

As a coach, I can tell you that we all have a way of expressing and receiving love. If you aren’t able to do both of these actions by being empathetic to ask yourself how your partner tends to act, then you’ll stay in a relationship where your guy consistently feels like you don’t like him.

In other words, it is essential now that you can prove your love in his channel of communication to him, and not as you think you should or as you would like him to do for you. The more you manage to  adapt to his needs  , the more he will realize that your love is strong.

How does a man appreciate being loved?

To go further, I invite you to ask yourself the question of knowing “How does a man appreciate being loved?”. It’s an essential phase when you say to yourself  I love him but I can’t show him my love  .

Generally, you tend to make big declarations of love to him, but I can assure you that there is nothing more important for a man than to feel unique in your eyes. I therefore encourage you to express to him the place he holds in your heart and the reasons for your attachment to prove to him that he is the person you need. That’s how you get a man hooked .

The more you show him how important he is to you, the more you can improve your story and prove to him that you love him!

Now you know that by telling yourself “ I love him” you are ready to give him the best of yourself but that he must also bring you happiness. Never remain in a situation of emotional dependence because we all need a balance.

I wish you the best in your love life ladies and as usual I await your comments without forgetting to share this article and all the advice with all your friends!