Love Mist : I love you as I can

I love you as I can.

I try not to lose my love in our relationship.

I try to tell you what I have inside but you know it’s not easy sometimes.

I would like you to hear what I don’t always say.

I would like you to see the mist in love and we go through it together if you want.

There are mists in love.

The relationship between two people is the alternation between misty moments where doubts settle and where you lose your footing and then moments of warm mist that caresses your body and envelops you together in the balm of the Relationship.

I love you and I lose myself too.

I love you and I’m behind the door.

I love you and I don’t always look you in the face.

I love you and I look for both of us behind.

I love you and I take you by the neck because I care about you.

I love you but I don’t always make it.

You are the mist and the cloud.

I am the cloud and the mist.

And I love you as much as I can.

So I will make sure to be totally who I am and to totally welcome who you are.

Yet it is not as simple as that.

And it’s not just a story of effort, you know that.

It’s a story of truths between the two of us. There are the moments of love when everything seems rosy and intimate to us.

The mists of desire

The mist is smooth, flowing with desire.

We meet, we exist, we are connected.

The mist of our entwined bodies, of our glued bodies, the mist of our kissing breath.

The mist of our desire that is created on the bedroom windows.

The mist of our common air and our beloved impulses. The mist that comes from the rain of the clouds that sticks to us a little more when I make love to you to the sound of the storm.

The mists of desire are those of our open and close bodies.

The mists of desire are those of our hearts beating so hard that all of our body heat creates the most beautiful mist on the mirror.

And then there is the mist of desire where our fragile, delicate, tender, naked touches will unite us body to body.

And make this mist this transparent color of the night, of the day, of all the elements and create for us a beautiful cotton space where we will feel the dripping heat of our energies.

The Mists of Relationship

And then there are those first times or those umpteenth times of reproaches, sadness, misunderstandings where we tell ourselves that we really missed everything and that everyone did not do their best to get out of it.

Two beings who live their way as best they can by loving each other and feeling what will make them a RELATION in the mist of love.

The relationship I bond with you.

The relationship that will bind us together.

The relationship that will connect love with what we will do best together. 

I open my hand my love.

I open my hand and try to send you what makes me a woman today.

I try to dare.

I then try to blow out what could serve as air to both of us.

I send you my worried, sensitive and warm mist that comes from my mouth.

In my mist there is my kiss do not forget it and I know that this mist there it suits us both.

And then there is sometimes such an unbreathable air between the two of us when we are in pain together, when we get lost underwater or when we are at the bottom far from each other or when the mist becomes fog.

I would like to bring you back to the surface as I would sometimes like you to take me out of this fog where I no longer see anything.

So yes we do our best together.

I can’t do it all the time you know. Sometimes I lie to you, you lie to me, sometimes I lie to myself because I don’t know yet or rather I don’t know how to do well for love to be this:

BE closer to yourself with you. To be closer to love.

I think about it, I repeat it to myself and I even write it to others.

Yet to you, my love known today or unknown tomorrow, will you be the one who will know how to understand that I am afraid, will you be the one who will open the door, the one who will remove my veils ?

I am afraid in the mist which is mine.

I’m afraid of disappointing you for being different from what you expected, I’m afraid of lying to you again and telling you an I love you which is not that of my silence.

Because my mist is transparent as well as opaque, it slips over me and sometimes it drowns over me.

I try with this water to clean myself my love so that you see me, that you feel me completely naked of everything.

And then you will do the same, you will feel your mist caress your neck, your back, your legs and then seep into the earth.

The relationship in love is two beings, two mirrors in the earth, two mirrors also in the mud.

Two mist water mirrors.

Yes sometimes you send back to me what I repress of myself, yes sometimes I am so angry with you for not cajoling me when I need to repair my wounds.

But there are also all those times when we do what we can, as much as we can for each other, as best we can to continue this journey together.

There are all those times when these mirrors in the earth and we jump into them with both feet together.

I then see both of us, my love, sinking into this cool, warm mist of the earth, into this mist of water.

So like two souls in secret, I call you love so that we both try to do as best we can and to open up to the I love you.

We’ll find each other, we don’t really know by what magic. But we will always find each other my love because our souls were born to love each other.

There are those mornings or those moments when I feel that my soul is not far from yours.

There are those moons where I feel you will hear my song.

There are these rays of sunshine where I will know how to find you.

Running in pairs, sometimes surpassing oneself. Then stop. And if one decides to leave then leave it and then manage to join it one day.

Sometimes I will rush headlong.

Because in the relationship it is often said that it is a question of commitment and if the relationship was this bond of bodies, this bond of unity to be found. This meeting of two mists that would find themselves in the night.

Two different mists and yet made of the same element.

Maybe I’ll love you and give you a part of me. Maybe you too will agree to play hide-and-seek in our mists without turning a blind eye to who we are.

Often I will regret putting myself so dependent on you and then sometimes I will feel that it is necessary together to find the truth of what a love relationship for two is, in its most beautiful freedom.

I will feel close to you.

I will hold myself close to your heart.

I will look into your eyes for a long time and together we will try to hear the song of our relationship.

Tell you how much I love you. My heart is beating and it tries to reach you more often.

To tell you how complicated it is sometimes for me to put myself in your shoes to feel what you need.

Yes I love you as I can.

In the love relationship, it is sometimes so difficult to get along, to listen to each other, to accept each other completely.

Yet there is a space where the strength of the bond, the nature of the bond will determine the love between people. We will also have to persevere to continue to love each other.

In the mist I’m almost fragile, feverish in front of you, in front of love.

How can you manage to remain this woman and you this man? How to stay in our deepest sacred together?

How dare this look at each other by going beyond this mist?

The mists of breathing

When I put my gaze in yours, there are waters, mists and tears that I do not always master

Love each other and do your best.

I love you and I do what I can.

I love you and I breathe as much as I can in the breath of love.

It’s not that easy to love together.

It’s not that easy to breathe together.

So yes, sometimes I take a funny path with you hand in hand. There are moments when we are united and then there are those moments when we are lost.

Getting lost and trying to find together what awaits us.

Love as an expectation, as an absence in itself.

You tried and I tried to fill that void in us.

Love a height of life, love a complement to the essential of oneself.

The best possible love for two.

Dare to tell you that I love you when I make mistakes, dare to tell you I love you when I try to be a woman who lives for her.

Together, however, we should get there, together we should be able to feel the breath that holds us.

Love as one can is to take this breath and both blow on the mist. It is to be one against the other united in total equality and it is only this united mist that will envelop us.

We love each other as we can and it’s so pretty the mist in the morning and it’s so nice to feel our mist when we make love.