I love you but not now

How about we talk about love ?! What do you want, I’m a lover of love, that’s how it is, you’ll have to get used to it. We are going to talk about this very particular love, the “I love you, but not now”.

Today, many hearts meet even before the past is fully buried. We are not here to discuss the merits or not, it happens for many reasons, more or less good, I will admit it to you gladly, but it does happen. No one is immune to the unexpected.

But what about that “not now” when history has been consumed for many years? Isn’t there something wrong there? Well, there is a notion that escapes me.

Love, the true, the authentic, the one that makes your heart vibrate, does not have time to wait. When you love deeply, you have only one desire is to share, to be in the exchange, to fully live each moment that is offered, for two.

Love increases strength tenfold, gives all the courage, it is neither reasonable nor reasoned.

So what is this “not now” doing here? Sometimes the other may need more time to clean their life, we do not move at the same pace. He may find himself grappling with his doubts, his fears, his own limits. Until then, I can understand it, but after …

When time continues to fly, when the years follow one another and the “not now” is always in order, I believe that the real question to ask is, is it really love that lies dormant in the bottom of this other heart? ?

Since he manages without difficulty to move forward on his road while keeping intact all that he had before, it is that love is not as true as he wants to tell you. Someone you genuinely miss will do anything to be near you and won’t stand to put the slightest distance between you. A person who loves you sincerely will never take the risk of losing you or seeing you leave with someone other than him or her. The only one he will be able to take is fly to you because you will have made him grow wings.

When you love love, all barriers jump at lightning speed because every second spent away from your complement of soul is unbearable. When we love with the heart, this love we do everything to live it fully because without it, we do not live, we die inside.

I love you and but should never be in the same sentence.

Whoever tells you “not now” just keeps you as a way out, for him you are not an essential, just a complement. Yes, I know, it sounds a little bit but for your own sake, the best is still to flee, far, very far. Because I can assure you that if his love was up to yours, you wouldn’t be waiting for him to finally make up his mind. He would already be there, to flow near you happy days.

You probably thought it was him, but look around. The only thing that still accompanies you is emptiness, absence, silences, your loneliness. Now that you understand that, you have surely managed to take the necessary step for your development. Nothing that you lived was useless to you, you had to live each of these stages to know what will be done who will accompany you.

And frankly, quite between us, you are worth much better than the few crumbs that we agreed to offer you. Do not sell off what you have to give for who does not want it. It is you that you hurt, it is you that you hurt. Free yourself, open your eyes wide, smile, in a very short time life will put another in your way because you finally agree to let him approach you.

Someone is going up the mountain somewhere, going through all the storms. He does not yet know that it is to get to you but when you meet, there will be no room for a “not now” because it will be obvious and it will not be obvious. don’t wait another second.

What if it was today?

* Small personal message to the “not now” that I know. These words were written before you came to tell me to fuck me with my values ​​and my beliefs. But as you see, I did not wait for you to give me your consent, I had already taken the plunge !!