I scare men, they think me inaccessible!

Do you have a physique that could be described as attractive or atypical and unfortunately no man wants to engage with you? Or on the contrary, you are wondering how to build a lasting relationship when you attract men mainly by your physique? Do you want to know how to keep a man despite your beauty or your generous forms ?.

It happens frequently that I receive messages on my Facebook page through which women explain to me that they attract men for only one thing, s*x. Unfortunately for her, none of these suitors want to commit to a lasting relationship, especially because they are afraid of losing her later or simply because they think she is too s*xy for them. The phenomenon “I scare men because of my physique” is much more widespread than we think especially in our society in which men find it difficult to position themselves.

This is a problem that I also encounter in coaching for the women I support and I therefore wanted to share my advice in this article to help you better understand the risks assessed by a man when it comes to build a relationship with a woman he deems beautiful and how you can overcome his barriers to consider a long-term relationship.

How to overcome the image of inaccessible woman?

When it comes to seduction, we often see that it is not the most beautiful women who are approached simply because they can  intimidate men . Men very often have a tendency to devalue themselves and put them on a pedestal. This attitude is found at the beginning of a relationship even if you tend to pay him many compliments to reassure him about your intentions and your attraction to him.

Recently, I coached a well-known journalist who speaks mainly for television shows and she confided in me that she suffered greatly from her image as an “attractive woman”. Some men may be afraid of your image, your beauty or just your social position  and therefore they will not dare to approach you. I have also noticed that the women most affected by this phenomenon and who say to themselves therefore I scare men because of my physique are those who impose by their size, and who are more than 1 m 72.

If you want to change this precise point and make men want to come and conquer your heart then I recommend that you work on your general appearance to appear a little less inaccessible. It’s not about changing your personality or your look but rather focusing exclusively on the signals that would make a man want to approach you with an extra ounce of confidence.

First of all, I invite you to interact with your environment and to be extremely smiling. If a man sees that you are able to speak naturally with people around you, with the waiter or with a professional (baker, bartender, cashier …) by exchanging in a relaxed manner and being welcoming, then he will unconsciously say to himself that you are accessible and it is a big plus for him to decide to take the first step.

A smile is inevitably an asset that makes it possible to soften your image of inaccessibility and men will stop repeating to themselves “I will never be able to seduce her”. In addition it will make you more natural.

You can go even further by now seeking to play with the eyes with the men who attract you, perhaps even to strike up a conversation as with a simple friend and to show her that  you do not have only a beautiful plastic  and that you complicity can emerge from your discussions.

How do you keep a man when you’re attractive and lacks confidence?

Here again, I would like to share coaching experiences with you because I meet many women who consult me ​​with a very specific problem. They wonder  how to keep a man who lacks confidence  because they are very attractive to others.

Having a charismatic woman on your arm is not easy and what might be the dream for some men is mostly a nightmare for the majority. Indeed, no one wants to know that his wife is being approached and is continually called upon when she is at work, in the street or even when she goes to the supermarket to shop. Yet this is the case for many women who find themselves in a delicate romantic situation because very few men are able to accept such a situation.

To help you as during a coaching, I would first invite you to change your image to put your physical assets a little less in value. The suggestion is sometimes better than a large neckline for example.

But the most important thing is to  always seek to value your man  and to bring him into your world to give him a place that will allow him to feel more confident. Do not hesitate to use communication as a pillar of your relationship and to open not your heart but your feeling on the special place it can have in your eyes.

You have to explain to him why you chose him so that he gains confidence and his doubts disappear. Men have this essential need to be valued in order to feel good in a relationship because they feel like they are constantly in rivalry with others.

I scare men, what should I change while remaining myself?

I want to tell you that it is  imperative to keep your personality . However, it is important to learn to be empathetic to put yourself in the shoes of the man who shares your life or the one you would like to be approached by, in order to understand his blockages. This is how you can keep your charisma, and highlight your charm. But I am sure you will agree that it is also necessary to avoid trying too hard to please men and sometimes certain adjustments are necessary. As I mentioned above, you should avoid overly seductive clothing looks that highlight your curves, that is to say that tend to s*xualize your attitude.

You should also be careful not to be too social. It’s all about balance really. You shouldn’t appear to be an easy-going girl or an overly closed girl. It is therefore preferable to put up certain barriers with men who openly flirt with you. This will prevent you from looking like a chick with whom we are just going to have fun.

Finally, if you are already in a relationship, I recommend that you play with transparency towards your partner to give him confidence. But on the other hand, keep in mind that it is useless to go into details, even if it is he who wants to know more … That would only add fuel to the fire.

Last important point, when you have an attractive physique, ladies and you say to yourself  I scare men , you will tend to attract those we call “hunters”, these seducers who know how to charm you with their charisma, their way of communicating, their look and all their gear.

To avoid falling into their trap, I invite you to take the time to test them well, in particular by taking the initiative to get to know them on the merits, thanks to a longer seduction and better management of your emotions. You will then notice that a man who knows how to seduce tends to lose interest in you when he feels that you are acquired and too emotionally oriented.