If a man says this sentence, you must flee absolutely!

What is the phrase that a toxic man says? How to avoid narcissistic perverts or manipulators in love? How to get out of a toxic relationship?

Whether it’s through the various research I’ve done or the articles I’ve had the chance to write on this positive blog  on toxic men, violent men, assholes, manipulators or narcissistic perverts in love , I noticed that they have this point in common to use a particular phrase or situation.

The reality is that there is indeed this type of male or female profile in our current society. For this reason, it is extremely important to learn to spot the signs and flee as quickly as possible so as not to suffer in a toxic relationship. You could suffer from manipulation, but also from domestic or psychological violence .

You don’t deserve a man who doesn’t really recognize your value, your desires, your dreams, etc. In fact, a toxic man doesn’t give a damn about your happiness. You have to be really careful with this type of relationship and not let it go. For that, it is enough to recognize the type of sentence that this man can use.

Here are 5 great examples of phrases that a narcissistic and manipulative man uses in a relationship or in seduction:

  1. The first and most important sentence: “ Are you mine? When you hear this kind of sentence from a man, you have to run away, because it’s a form of manipulation. A person who asks you this question wants to make sure they have confirmation that they can do absolutely anything with you, for good or ill. From that moment, it is no longer love, but rather a power in the other, a control or a balance of power.
  2. The second sentence:  “I never felt that for a woman. This sentence may seem positive or even nice, but it hides a certain misconception of involving you more seriously and more quickly in the relationship. Know that a relationship that starts quickly is also a relationship that ends quickly. True or false ? This sentence should not convince you or accelerate your involvement so as not to be too acquired. It can show that man that he can make you believe anything. Pay close attention!
  3. The third sentence: “ wouldn’t you be better off with people who deserve you? This is a phrase used by men or women who manipulates. Indeed, with this type of sentence we can put our friendly or family relationships in danger, but above all we can put our psychological health in danger. Why ? You might start to isolate yourself and become under its control. Then, if you distance yourself from your relationships, you also risk having less support from your relationships.
  4. The fourth sentence: “I’m in a relationship, it’s complicated and she’s very difficult with me…” When a man says this sentence, he wants to be with you, but he doesn’t want to carry all this heavy burden on you. his shoulders from his relationship. You should know that very few men leave their spouse to enter into a new relationship with a woman he barely knows. From then on, you need to ask yourself the right questions and ask the opinion of people who really want you to be happy.
  5. The fifth sentence: “yes, but I did that because I love you very much. A man who justifies an evil act on you is a sure sign that you should run away. For instance; domestic violence, emotional abuse, stealing money from you, breaking off a friendly relationship for you, etc. You must never accept this in your life! Don’t let yourself be manipulated and devalued by a toxic man. It is also very important never to associate love with pain in your relationship.