How to know when it’s time to leave a relationship


You are in a job, a romantic relationship or some other situation where you feel strangely out of place… because your needs are not being met, because you feel invisible to others, because you are no longer nurtured emotionally or professionally for a long time: how long will this situation continue?

You get up in the morning, it’s groundhog day: the same ritual, the same habits, the same day that repeats itself… You tell yourself that it’s going to be okay, that it’s going to change eventually. Days turn into weeks, then months…sometimes years!

The lump in the stomach remains present and even takes up more and more space. You observe what is happening but you feel unable to move because it is easier to tell yourself that something is going to change, is going to happen and finally you will be fine.

But what really happens is that your energy decreases, your zest for life fades… your smile is less spontaneous, tears may come up more frequently but you tell yourself, it’s going to be fine… but it’s not true ! In fact, your body is sending you signs, your mind is ringing the alarm… it’s time to listen to it!

But why wait so long you ask?? Because the unknown is scary, making a decision is scary, leaving a situation or a relationship is a loss in itself and it’s scary… However, the question to ask is: do I love myself enough to take a decision to satisfy my needs or should I continue to “endure” this discomfort, this lack that makes me suffer sorely?

The answer is not simple… it will depend on where you are in your life, in your journey. It’s easy to tell someone what to do but in reality, if you’re not physically, emotionally and emotionally ready to take that leap, you’re going to hear the advice but… you’re going to stay.

Then comes a situation, a moment or a day when everything changes. Nothing can predict this moment… It can be a detail, a word, a gesture and suddenly: enough is enough, you crack and leave!

For some, it’s a new beginning that takes place in peace and serenity and that’s good.

For you, who find yourself losing your bearings, here are some ways to find your way around:

  • Take a step back, take a break from what you are going through: keep healthy lifestyle habits, eat a healthy diet, keep a stable sleep and exercise schedule.
  • Seek professional help: an external and neutral support helps to express, ventilate and have access to reflection without judgment. A career or life shift might even surprise you, with the help of the right resources.
  • Find a new activity or sport to occupy your mind other than what you know: getting out of your comfort zone can allow you to discover very beautiful strengths and talents that you had not suspected!
  • Surrounding yourself with people who nurture us positively and without judgment, walking away from more toxic, negative relationships that feed your mind in unhealthy ways. Do not hesitate to name your needs to those around you: listening? Tips? Support: how?
  • Write, write and write again when insomnia takes hold of you, loneliness weighs you down, tears come up… When you write, you concretely get out on paper the invading thoughts of your brain.
  • Reading, listening to videos that interest you but also do you good: information, humor, discoveries, relaxation, etc.

It may be that these actions are difficult to do because of his emotional or psychological fragility, this is normal but it is also necessary to overcome this state and force yourself to move.

There are so many other possible solutions that will come to mind. Nicole Bordeleau, Yoga and meditation master, author and speaker, says that “the good thing about having your life shattered is that you decide which pieces you will rebuild it with”.

Think about it, you are a unique person who has his rights, his needs and therefore deserves to live the best! You are your best ally, choose to be the most important person in your life. Go on!!!! Take the actions to move forward and be confident. Life will give it back to you a hundredfold!!