If Your Man Does These 5 Things, He’s A Narcissistic Pervert!

A narcissistic pervert will never reveal himself in broad daylight. It is difficult to recognize in some people, because it acts in the majority of cases in a very “subtle” way and with a mask. It’s never going to happen overnight telling you; ”  Hey honey, I’m a narcissistic pervert, you must absolutely avoid me “.

On the contrary, it is up to you to have the responsibility to avoid this type of relationship or find out if your man is a narcissistic pervert in your current relationship. There are precisely signs to help you spot whether or not this man is acting like a pn. If you’re reading me right now, maybe it’s not necessarily for your relationship, but maybe you have doubts in another relationship…

In any case, you’ve come to the right place and I really congratulate you for having had the courage to seek out his information at first, whether you realized that your relationship no longer had any meaning or perhaps that you have noticed a change in your man and would like to know more.

So how do you know if a man is a narcissistic pervert? What are the signs that prove that it is a pn? How to recognize a narcissistic perverse manipulator?

By the way, even if this article is written in the masculine, it is also for you, gentlemen, because I know that many men suffer from manipulation in love with a woman.

The 5 things that prove your man is a narcissistic pervert:

1. He isolates you. A narcissistic pervert will always look for a way to isolate you from others. Whether it’s your family or your friends, he will isolate you to keep a check on you.

He wants to make sure the victim needs him all the time. Isolation is probably one of the worst signs, because it is much more difficult to seek help if we prevent ourselves from seeing others. Don’t do this and don’t be fooled!

2. He makes you think it’s all your fault.  Have you noticed this behavior in your man? It’s never his fault and he never makes mistakes. He tells you; “I act like this with you, because it’s your fault if I’m like that…”

Worse still, he will say more “subtly” to manipulate you better; “Listen my love, I really don’t want to fight you. Yes, I’m aware that you couldn’t help but spoil our evening and that it’s difficult for you to be less emotional at times like this…” That’s pure manipulation! He accuses you with pretty phrases instead of talking about the real problem.

3. He hits you because he loves you too much. If your man says; “I HIT you because I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH”, run away at all costs! Do not even ask yourself questions, flee! A man who hits you out of love is not acceptable. In fact, regardless of the gesture or the reason, if someone lays a hand on you, you must be aware of this situation and alert yourself.

4. He uses psychological manipulation. Mental manipulation is to put in place in your life a hold on consciousness to be able to have better control in order to make you change and have different behaviors.

Often, the victim does not realize this manipulation at all, because the MPN acts in a very subtle way and invisible to your mind. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it isn’t it? Unfortunately, many women and even many men experience this kind of situation in a toxic relationship.

5. He lies to you every day. If your man is constantly lying to you, it is quite possible that he is a narcissistic pervert. He lives in the lie, it is in his nature to lie and will therefore make lies from scratch in the form of a little theater in which he plays with his own life.

You should also know that he is not just lying to you, but he is lying in all areas of his life, such as family, work, relationships, when he meets new people, etc. His life is based on lies and it is for this reason that it is better not to associate with this type of toxic personality.

There are solutions available to you to get out of it, but your job is to train yourself and take action, because if nothing changes, then nothing will change in your daily life. Start by following her on her channel and take notes, because it’s already a good start and a first action!