In modern relationships, we are unfaithful on a daily basis

This type of infidelity causes much greater damage than that caused by extramarital affairs.

That’s when you fell asleep, precisely half an hour before your alarm clock started ringing. You open your eyes and your mind goes on the run. Meetings, conference calls and project deadlines are approaching.

Why is there always so much to do and never enough time to do it?

You grab your phone and scroll through notifications as you walk into the shower, barely awake. Knowing that your partner has not yet risen, you send her a message: “Hello dear. I wish you a wonderful day. ”

This text has two functions: You want her to know that she is the first thought that comes to your mind. And most importantly, she needs to realize that despite your busy schedule and stressful days you are going through, she is your top priority.

It all sounds so perfect, but it’s not the reality.

Instead, you’re going to log onto Instagram or Facebook, immersing yourself in everyone’s life, and maybe, just maybe, send your wife this text on the way to work.

Relationships these days lack direction. People “hang out”; but what does that mean exactly? Does that mean seeing each other twice a month? Message each other all day? Kissing here and there?

Something is missing. So what is causing these relationships to deteriorate?

Relationships thrive in communication . Our innermost emotions are reserved for the person we love, so how is it okay to never let them know?

We have accepted so many totally unacceptable things: sitting at the table with our phone, arguing over a message, posting every minute of our life on social media.

Do you know what all of this takes precedence over the other? This society has become an accepted practice when it comes to infidelity, where every day we have more and more people getting it wrong.

When you think of infidelity in the classic sense, extramarital affairs come to mind.

An intimate situation in which the person you love has a direct affair with another while you continue to do your activities as before, with patterns of compassion and love towards him / her. And once you see it, all trust is lost.

But think about this concept for a moment.

The dictionary defines the term infidelity as the deprivation of ‘something valuable by the use of deception or fraud’

Obviously, this extramarital affair is a deception and can be very harmful in any case, but have you ever thought about the daily infidelity within your relationship?

We experience a lack of communication, care, passion, intimacy and even, a lack of love. Why do we agree with this and all the communication shortcuts that have become so common?

This type of infidelity causes much more damage than that caused by extramarital affairs.

You have given your heart to someone and love them to the last bone in your body, but you have to beg for their attention. Sit back and watch that person post status updates, post unnecessary photos for people to comment on.

You must take a moment to tell her that she is beautiful. Call her after work to say, “Get dressed and be ready in 30 minutes.” I’ll pick you up and we’ll go to a place you’ll love. ”

Make an effort. Nothing beats good care imbued with tenderness and care, to create the spark.

Like back then: hold hands, open the car door for her, take her for a ride just for fun, give her flowers just to get a smile, and give her time in times of little words here and there… all of these things should never go away.

We must be children when it comes to love. We must be vulnerable and free. And that cannot happen when we are preoccupied with the details of everyone’s life.

Focus on each other. In the end, that’s all you really get.

Be grateful that she is a part of your life and show her how much she means to you. But above all, learn to let go of your phone, and to project yourself directly onto what is in front of you.