Level of consciousness: welcome everything that bothers you as a gift!

Some people, too often “disappointed” in others, no longer want to let anyone into their lives. Others lament that people always present themselves in a good light but, when they get to know them better, sometimes discover people with “psychological problems”. Still others do not understand why they always attract the same kind of neighbors, bosses, friends, lovers.

But what is the common denominator of these situations that we have all experienced or are still experiencing? WE! As long as we judge others because they disappoint us or irritate us, we will be stuck at the same level of consciousness of judgment, lack of love , outraged ego!

However, it is Life, in its great wisdom, which sends us EACH of these people. ALL the people we meet have been drawn to us by a part of us that vibrates at the same level of energy as them, at the same level of consciousness as them. Without exception.

So if we are attracting toxic people, what is the part of us that is vibrating at the toxic level that we NEED to find in order to cure it? If we attract role-playing people who aren’t authentic and it bothers us, what part of us vibrates to the lack of authenticity, to playing a role to hide who we are? If we attract people who irritate us or with whom everything always seems complicated, what part of us vibrates at the energetic level of complicated things, easy irritation? What part of us still irritates us but we don’t want to see? What part of us often complicates things but we don’t want to see?

The other is NEVER responsible for our inner state. He is never responsible for our annoyance, our irritation, our closed heart. WE are. We decide this is so because we refuse to see in ourselves the very thing that prevents us from loving ourselves unconditionally and the very thing that prevents us from loving others, that alienates us from them, that makes us believe that we we are separated.

All these parts of us claim our love because as soon as we love them unconditionally, we will no longer carry this level of vibration, we will change our level of consciousness: we will carry the vibrational level of Love. And what will we attract then? Love of course! Loving people, because we will have become so, people who do not judge, because we will no longer judge, people who will no longer irritate us, because we will have accepted within ourselves those parts of us that irritated us.

Thus, we are All partners of freedom, because when Life places in our path the one who disturbs us, it is always a gift for us to see what we carry within us in order to free ourselves from it. It is a gift of love from Life for us, so that ALL the veils fall and that we finally remember our true nature, LOVE.

Let us welcome from now on everything that bothers us as a gift so that we are more and more aware of what we are. Let’s continue to raise our vibratory level all together, without judging, without closing ourselves off, without fleeing from each other. Just by opening up to the other, just by opening up to yourself.

Let’s raise our level of consciousness, Humanity needs it.

SOURCE : www.dianegagnon.com