Life as a couple: How to find the right words in love

The couple communication , as well as the fact of knowing how to make love with his half , is the key to the latter endures over time and become more and more solid. I would never stop reminding you how fundamental this notion is. Too often I notice that people, men or women, take the love of their partner for granted and communicate not as it should or not as much as it should. Such a situation is inevitably a source of conflict in the couple.

However, the lack of communication in the couple is not always due to the ill will of one or the other. Sometimes you just can’t find the right lyrics. In this article you will discover how to find the right words in the life of two so that your story does not deteriorate over time and that your partner can always count on you.


Obviously the first words that we think of in love are sweet words . “I love you, you are beautiful, I missed you”. All those expressions that clearly indicate what you feel or just the emotions that the relationship with your partner gives you. You are happy with him or her and you are right to tell him or her every day. It is also important that your partner knows this.

However, the words in the life of two can also turn into small attentions. The exchange in a couple is not limited to verbal communication. Do you prefer that we tell you “I love you” or that we say it to you while proving it to you? If you want to express your feelings know that it is not just words to do it. Communication in a couple must therefore be accompanied by impactful acts.

The words to say when you are in a relationship do not have to be long speeches, sometimes a simple sentence can make the one with whom you share your life crazy with joy. A simple text message in the middle of the day at the office will put a big smile on your partner’s face. Many people think that you have to be a great romantic to find the right words in love , but this is wrong, you can afford to do it even if you are not a graduate in philosophy!

The most important thing to express your love is to be sincere. To speak from your heart, because only you really know how you feel for this woman or this man who shares your life. Do not try to use words that are not your own or to play a role just to please. The natural has a lot more impact than anything else, so you don’t have to overplay your feelings, think simplicity and emotion.


However, good words in love , although they are essential in the life of a couple, should not become a kind of custom and lead to a form of routine. If it becomes something that you no longer do out of love but simply out of habit, you must quickly reverse the trend.

It may seem paradoxical to say that communication in the couple is important and to limit it, but in order not to let words lose their value, it is imperative to keep a certain reserve.

Say “I love you” to your partner every day for several years and you will realize that this phrase will not be the same, that it will sound different to your other half’s ear because he / she will be used to it ( e) and that is exactly what you should avoid. You end up getting used to everything, including words of love . These words should not be rare, however, but your partner should not consider that you are acquired and that he / she will have the right to his / her compliment or his daily SMS, you must also know how to muddy the waters. sort of!

Sweet words must be used in the most auspicious moments (romantic dinners, outings for two, wedding anniversaries, etc.) but also in difficult moments in order to reassure your partner and to restore his confidence and give him back a smile.

The golden rule in love or rather in matters of love communication is therefore not to abuse sweet words; you must use them to make the strong moments that you live all the more magical and unforgettable. Trust yourself to know the best time to express your feelings.


You have all seen this couple sitting on the terrace of a cafe who do not answer a word, this couple who absolutely do not share and who even rather have the impression of being bored together. I am also convinced that you made a promise to yourself never to behave like this and that you will always take life on the safe side with your other half.

So is this the couple you look like many years later?

I am convinced that you really want to put in place actions to preserve your relationship and set up a real dialogue with your partner to achieve this.

Communication is an essential element to preserve your couple . To succeed in being fulfilled with your man or your woman, having a regular but also sincere exchange is a necessity. To meet their expectations and for them to meet yours, you need to know yourself. There are no secrets, it is by talking that you will get there.

It’s not about sitting down and for two hours making a list of everything you like, telling her your passions, your tastes and how you would like your story to take. This is not how you will get anything.

To get results and improve your life as a couple, you need to set aside moments for dialogue after a date, or after a successful weekend when you spent a pleasant day in the company of your other half. Above all, don’t start a serious discussion, let alone a conversation with complaints after a day of work. As much to say to you that the interview may be cut short.

Many think that communication in the couple only concerns the problems of the couple. But on the contrary, you have to be able to cover all subjects and not restrict yourself to your love affair.

Finding the right words when you are in a relationship and developing communication between the two partners is not knowing all the secrets of one or the other, of knowing all about him / her, but of being able to be able to solve problems through dialogue and never allow routine to settle in the life of two.