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The Power of Loneliness: Meet his soul with the rocking water and your love

The power of loneliness.

The power of freedom to be alone.

The power of silence.

The power of his encounter with himself, with his soul.

And when this meeting can be done for two.

This intimate and personal encounter can be enjoyed by two. The other then becomes a guide, a companion, a love to make this solitude a power for two.

Go to meet his soul through the other.

Shared loneliness.

Loneliness in union.

Solitude is “ALL ONE”, totally united with oneself with the cradling of the other.

A power for two, a power which, thanks to the other, can be felt and reached with a lot of love.

The definition of loneliness is being alone without anyone. And yet…

And if loneliness was just the opposite. It was an entry into his soul, a discovery that is accompanied.

One can be in solitude and be guided by soft and restorative Relations.

Through my words, I will take you into the personal world of your soul and see how someone can help you enter it through the path of love.

The way of the soul

When you decide to enter your soul by being accompanied and cradled, you open your heart, your body.

Go in :

His inner world

His world in the heart

His world in the body

His soul world. His world where the word ALONE means “All One”, totally united with oneself. ALL ONE.

Declaration of love to his loneliness, to his silence, to this feeling, this slowing down and this breathing that take you to a source that we sometimes tend to flee.

Yet the original source of his heart, his body and his soul leads to solitude, to this retreat, to this absolute self in silence.

AND this source is deeply delicious and so precious.

The treasure hidden in solitude brings happiness and brings our person into the reflection of who we are in silence, in life and guides us to meet our soul.

To be totally one with yourself. Being totally in communion with your soul thanks to the letting go of your body and your heart.

Some will say that loneliness is scary, loneliness is boring or even hurts too much. Others prefer to be always on the move, in the communicative relationship with others, in the face-to-face relationship with someone.

Beyond the rhythms that belong to everyone, beyond the wounds that everyone has in the face of loneliness, the balances remain very personal.

There is, however, this tightrope walker that we are, hanging from our inner WORLD, the world of our soul to which we can turn to return to SELF.

Our world of the soul, the one that is created around a universe so intimate and powerful for oneself.

When this encounter is born then the body and the heart come together, unite to speak to the soul.

Talk to my soul and tell it how much I want to love it gently, in harmony and in conscience.

Say a few words of love to her so that we can walk together and develop everything that will be fair and authentic for me in this life.

Talking to yourself, addressing your soul is not a double I or game, no, it’s a return to the greatness of who we are, the value of who we are, the love of who we are .

It is then a question of releasing this power of solitude and of entering into its silence.

Breathing, meditating, singing, dancing can accompany on the path of “ALL One”.

Solitude is entering into dialogue with the other too. It’s transforming the loneliness that can be heavy or difficult into a power of two.

The release of this power will be done in TWO.

So you’ll tell me nothing to do with being alone. However if we consider the other as a guide, a companion to find our loneliness, our ALL ONE world, our world of the soul, our solitary soul then we will be able to transform or even transcend this loneliness into a force, into a power for oneself and overcome this possible fear of being alone.

The Other can be your guide, your silence, the accompanying hands to let go and enter into the liberation of the soul, into the liberation of its loneliness.

How to let go in the arms, the hands of the other to find our loneliness?

The way of the soul cradled by the other .

The deep and precious source of which I spoke above is intimately linked to water. The water that cradled us for nine months in our mother’s womb.

This fertile, protective water, filled with love.

Water is and remains in our body, our heart and for our soul an essential resource to put your body in abandonment.

To find this union with oneself, rocking in water can be a real liberation for one’s loneliness.

The relationship between you and the other, whatever it is (love, friend, unexpected, unknown, wonderful, dream, magical relationship), his hands and his arms will take you on the most beautiful inner journey thanks to the love of rocking and the power of water, the precious source.

The rocking is a real well-being for the little ones, they allow to accompany them in the appeasement and the sleep.

Then growing up, we find this necessary attraction to rocking with swings, hammocks.

Rocking movements are stimulators for self-regulation. Oxytocin, among other things, is then put in place and brings us into a calm and restful interior solitude for oneself.

Adult cradling can be relived by the way of love, by the hands and arms of another who will take you on a journey to meet your soul thanks to the rocking water, thanks to the rocking movements of the be who will accompany you.

Water Source of Happiness and RELATIONSHIP

There are different ways to release the power of our loneliness through water and our loving guide.

It is about letting go in the arms of the other in contact with water in order to find our deep and silent soul.

Let yourself be carried away by the movement of the water and abandon yourself in the arms of love.

Close your eyes, let go, and trust in each other’s guiding and loving Relationship.

The JANZU or also called Pacific River was born in Mexico. It is an energy treatment that can be done by a qualified practitioner but can also be adapted with a person who is a gentle RELATIONSHIP for you and who will accompany you on the path to your soul.

For this, in a pool of hot water at 34 degrees, you will let yourself be carried by the other, let yourself be guided by the other by gentle movements, possible light stretching, small passages with your head immersed in the water. 3 seconds and thus let your soul speak to you and wander in your source near you.

This intimate journey can also be done simply wrapped in the arms of the other.

Thanks to water and weightlessness, you will be able to enter into a wonderful aquatic dance where you will be light. Guided by the loving relationship, by the caressing and gentle hands slipped under your body.

Solitude will then be released because you will deposit your buried emotions in the water.

The other will guide you in the movement and make your body a precious state of mind.

Trusting the other to enter into one’s deep solitude.

Loving the Relationship with the other to agree to move towards this power of solitude.

Water, this deep and powerful mediator, this source of happiness and reflection on the freedom to be oneself in your loving and enveloping arms.

This desired solitude, this solitude for two.

Because I let you take me to my solitude by letting me be carried, traveled in your arms and in this marvelous water.

Water a simple appointment so powerful to live together.

A unique and shared solitude.

Solitude as a communion with oneself, with you, with everything.