Love breakup and financial dependence: 3 ways to become independent

Are you going through an uncomfortable experience, emotional dependence and toxic relationships are ruining your life? Do you avoid a breakup and are afraid to flee because you are financially dependent on your spouse?

Start by hunting for information; learn, train yourself to change things. Even if children, whose neuroplasticity is even more powerful than in adults, are capable of learning autonomously naturally, everyone has this capacity to evolve, to open up to the possibility that learning is possible, whatever the age: it is the shortest way to your freedom.

“The child has a mind capable of absorbing knowledge. He has the power to teach himself. »

As I express in my video at the bottom of this article, here are 3 recommendations to become more independent, have more confidence in yourself and no longer depend financially on your spouse:

1) Do as much as you can yourself.

If you can do something on your own, do it. Taking more responsibility in your life and being accountable only to yourself is an essential aspect of living a life of freedom. It is also important to know how to accept help and to recognize when we need it.

Being independent does not mean fooling yourself about your abilities. If you don’t know how to change a car wheel, learn it. In the moment, be honest with yourself: agree to be helped… or to learn to “do”.

2) What are your criteria for a good life and write it down?

Your rules will not apply to everyone and it is therefore important that you build the framework of your own precepts. To be free, write your own code, like the Samurai for example, and live by your rules.

3) Be the boss of your life.

Find a job you love: one that lets you live freely and do what you want. Even if you’re accountable to a real boss, you don’t owe anyone anything. You alone are responsible for your life. If your current job does not allow you to live as freely as you would like, find a new job! If your sentimental relationship is uncomfortable, even really difficult, it is unacceptable: change your partner, but prepare yourself to take action and get help.

Too often the lack of financial autonomy and the belief that nothing can change make these situations really difficult. To no longer depend on your spouse, it is also important to better understand your emotional dependence and to work on your self-confidence. Coaching can help you do this like any other learning tool.