Love Compatibility: How Do You Know If You’re Right For Each Other?

Are you in a relationship and you wonder if your sweetheart is the right person, the one who suits you best and helps you to flourish personally? How do you know, on what criteria is the love compatibility of two people based?.

This compatibility is very personal on the one hand, but certain signs concern all couples, it is a question of learning to spot them.

Who looks alike or opposites attract?

First of all, generalist rules such as “birds of a feather flock together” or “opposites attract” are not to be taken seriously with regard to the question ”  are we compatible?” “, Because everyone’s perception of a person is unique to them. And it is in the first place this perception that is important, because if it is positive it will lead to feelings of love and will then come the time to wonder if you are lovingly compatible with this person.

So ask yourself first of all, if you love the person, whether it is a woman or a man, compatibility can depend absolutely and above all on feelings. If they are not reciprocally the same on both sides, it is because there is an imbalance and therefore a love incompatibility .

Feeling in love is not always enough

Yes, in today’s world, mixtures are common, whether culturally, politically, s*xually etc …

We are led to meet people who are sometimes very different from us, for whom the feeling of love is inevitably present. And even if we, if it is a source of enrichment for us, we must be wary of the future and of what this difference will be able to create afterwards.

The best known example is that of mixed couples, whether it is skin color, origins or religion, it is essential that from the start of the romantic relationship you do not make your “differences. »A taboo subject, or worse, a subject which does not pose any problems and which therefore you do not discuss.

When two people have such differences, they should be prepared to make concessions, either now or later. Because the gaze see the mockery of others, can lead them to break up.

The love compatibility is a real question because it relies on couple communication; if you are aware of the differences you have with your lover, it is the beginning of a harmonious relationship .

Stop preconceived ideas!

It is certainly important to take an interest in your loving compatibleness , but do not become obsessed with it. Everything relating to astrology or even first names are not serious elements when it comes to knowing if your lover is made for you.

Scientifically these are not tangible signs.

On the other hand, divergent political opinions can be the subject of a serious incompatibility . Because that risks creating daily conflicts; people’s political ideas are often deeply held convictions and it is difficult to change someone’s opinion on this.

Love compatibility: sure-fire signs

As said above, being aware of the differences you have with your partner (if you have any) is the first step, if you are both willing to make concessions then you are on the same length of time. wave and your feelings are the same; you are therefore lovingly compatible .

The other signs, which we can notice on a daily basis, are the sharing of passions, complicity, humor … If you like the same things and you share everything without problems, it is because your compatibility is there. .

Conversely, couples who never go out together and have solo activities may not be made to be together.

You have to keep in mind that you can love someone, even desperately, and not be compatible ! It is enough that he / she has an education quite different from yours for your personal lifestyle to diverge too much for you to have a romantic relationship .