Love: How do you know if a relationship is worth it or not?

Each individual has their own reaction to love. There are those who rush very quickly and take hits and hurt themselves some time later. There are those who go slowly to get to know each other well and will decide what to do next, but there are also those who doubt and who always put off the relationship: “not now”.

Indeed, we must be careful that we do not hurt ourselves for a story that is not worth the trouble, but how do we know?

The heart and intuition are the two guides

To answer this question, you must listen to what your heart and your intuition are saying, these are the two essential guides. You may be saying that the heart is a bad counselor, especially when it has a strong feeling. Yes I confirm that this is often the case. But on the other hand, you can listen to intuition because it is very rarely wrong.

There are cases where two people meet but they don’t get together until much later or never because now is not the time. Yes, this is what happens when one of them is not yet ready for a relationship while the other is already all excited to embark on the adventure. What frustration for the latter. She no longer knows whether to slow down or accelerate the movement or apply pressure? But when she’s tried everything and nothing changes, will she give up and take a break?


This is where intuition comes into play . Consider that this story happens to you and you don’t know what to do anymore, if your intuition whispers in your ear that this person will never make you happy, and you feel humiliated, manipulated. In this case, drop and run without looking back.

But on the other hand, if your intuition convinces you that this other person is your other half and that without it you are only the shadow of yourself, then take your courage and be patient to finally experience unforgettable moments: intense and soothing , painful and painful too. Never forget that it is in the suffering and in the difficulty that the happiness and the joy of living come next. After going through all of these experiences, you will see that you have changed.

This adventure will show you that if life refuses to give you what we want, it is up to you to seek them out, arming yourself with courage and patience until the day when everything smiles on you and you will be fulfilled.