Love Is a Natural Magical Thing

Does love scare you?

It is important before even talking about love, to ask yourself what is your relationship to the idea of ​​granting feelings of sweetness, understanding and attachment to someone as you do for yourself? Besides, do you love yourself enough to calmly consider the idea of ​​opening your heart like a rose that would offer itself to the gaze of others to subjugate them? Are you loyal enough to yourself to be loyal to others? Do you know how to give yourself enough importance and respect in your own eyes before you want to consider it with others? You find in answering these questions that it is absolutely necessary to understand the word “Love” in its most powerful sense.

What resonates in you so strongly when you think of love to the point of pain, as if it were a pain in your soul that resounds and ties up your throat to the point of wanting to run away? It is urgent to repair what keeps you away from yourself.

First of all, be aware that love is defined above all by the openness of your heart without limit, that is to say in a disposition and a total availability of your mind and your body, to let the warmth of a relationship come to fill and nourish you without making you doubt yourself. Moreover, it is also a consent to let yourself be altered without trying to control what comes to you, it is a letting go without fear of being destabilized by the unknown, to open yourself to the importance of yourself renew and readjust as your life progresses through relationships that allow you to get to know yourself better.

To love is therefore the need to let oneself go fully to the tender idea of ​​sharing and creating another reality for two, having as a compass the image of two loving hearts.

Yes, to love is to accept unconditionally to be under the influence of the effects of this intense and burning feeling, while remaining anchored to the essential Presence of oneself to oneself, to then be able to diffuse by reciprocity towards the other, this energy of life, by finding there a way of fulfillment, as a haven of peace and comfort beneficial above all for oneself. When our eyes shine with self-love, we can immerse ourselves in the gaze of the other without fear of judgment!

Loving is a strong need to validate yourself through a new way of thinking about life together, respecting you enough in your uniqueness, to embrace the idea of ​​navigating in duet with the loved one. Fear therefore does not make an alliance with love, this would inevitably create an imbalance and would lead to the idea that love causes suffering. How can we consider the very idea of ​​love if it is to link it to the fear of being hurt? We can only see the worst unfold with beliefs that would lock love in a senseless cage. Love is part of life and just like it, it remains uncontrollable. If you seek to reduce it to your demands and limitations, it will break down the walls and fly elsewhere. It must remain synonymous with freedom,

What happens when your heart opens to Love?

You no longer have any questions to ask yourself, you just have to let yourself be carried away by what animates you inside, as if in a magical momentum. The more you listen to the voice of your heart, the more it leads you to your happiness. When you come into resistance with the fear of love, you close the door to the magic of loving. You reduce what is universal, unconditional and greater than you, to a tiny feeling that only aims to fill an emotional lack through a host of unpleasant emotions that complicate everything.

The Love is not small, it is much bigger than us. He is infinite and the source of everything. It is a love that is first as natural as the wind blowing in the trees, as the rain which waters the little seeds ready to germinate, as the bird which sings joyfully to awaken the world to the beauty of nature. .

The more you understand that love is not something that is made but that is felt, the more you learn to be totally in the Presence of its movement and its warmth which then comes to expand your heart in a powerful flow, for you push to go and taste life in a much bigger way and with all of you, to inhabit the world totally and without fear.

You then anchor yourself internally in this support before going to discover what calls you to do you good, in a fair and harmonious way. If you don’t come yourself to play a discordant note on this score, everything goes wonderfully, but if at one time or another, you seek to regain control through your predominant mind, you come out of its natural strength to create a disharmony that obscures your horizons.

When your heart really opens up to love, you also know how to recognize it in the other without making mistakes and without letting yourself be fooled. You no longer idealize according to your expectations, you look at the situation with the eyes of your heart, without masking reality, you manage to see beyond appearances. You are no longer afraid of the Truth, it becomes the axis that guides you. You give more room to sensitivity which becomes the sensory organ of this love, through all its bodily manifestations and you then feel able to understand if what you are experiencing is good for you!

Lean on self-love to truly love!

Self-love leads to great love! Indeed, to look at the other as one looks at oneself with benevolence and with humor. Listening to others as one listens patiently and attentively. Embrace the other, as we embrace ourselves from within, to soothe our torments. We no longer flee through the other, on the contrary it becomes a bridge, to allow us to meet even further, on other unknown shores, in our territories still virgin of these new sensations.

You learn to love as you are, not as you think it should be. There is no more imitation or misrepresentation, no more control or submission. You see yourself in each other through your loving eyes. You exist bigger, stronger, more solid together. You rock your common dreams. You are inspired at the heart of your free and playful souls. You end up admitting that it is not necessary to suffer to say that we really love each other, you come out of this mistaken belief that love needs hardships, you understand that this is the normal flow of life that carries you away through its constructive experiences. It’s up to you to know how to make love the key to your problems.

You love each other more and more because you are stronger together, because you recognize each other through your entwined hearts and souls! You recharge your batteries every day in this magical well that resides in your heart, despite the passage of time, despite the vagaries of life! You learn to accept setbacks and unforeseen events more and more calmly, because you know that the best will always be to come, if you have unshakeable faith in the present moment, then you draw from the source which never dries up and which is at the heart of yourself. You no longer rely solely on the other to exist, but also on yourselves, to make love a much stronger support, in your life together.

So don’t be afraid to love anymore, remove all forbidden meanings from your heart, sprinkle your life path with the pleasure of bonding with someone. As soon as you feel sufficiently solid and stable inside you and self-love illuminates your way of being with its radiance, it will in turn dazzle the other, to sublimate it, so together you grow in one and the same movement towards what awaits you at the heart of your life.