Love or emotional security?

There are as many couples as there are people. No truth about it but analyzes :). I love the author Stéphane Zweig for his finesse in the analysis of human relationships. With a lot of love and kindness, these novels are the source of a lot of clairvoyance.

This article is just my point of view that I am expanding with my inspiring clients <3.

To come back to the couple, the society which is fundamentally changing with all the chaos that this entails, has all the more impact on the family unit, the couple and the individual.

The individual lives several lives in one. Lots of professional experiences, retraining, travel and love.

The individual activates his creative power and dissolves certain family functions, such as the CDI is life, being a civil servant is even better! Everything changes, everything evolves, so there is a break with the old patterns. Society does not offer any security so the individual has to be creative.

We are no longer inclined to put up with emotional security. This security is cozy, comfortable but murderous. We are in a relationship with our emotional roommate, with whom we tend to sweat deeply. However we have the feeling that we are going to die together so never be alone in life, OUF!

We don’t share that much, apart from daily life, logistics and common knowledge. But we do not share true communication, that of friend to friend, that which is rich in exchange, that which warms the heart, which makes you laugh, and which brings life.

Emotional security is sneaky because it interferes in the couple in an insidious way without being noticed. One day we realize that we no longer want to be with the other, but that their presence is a necessity of everyday life. We change each on his own without sharing anything, hoping that a little weekend in the countryside will re-bond.

Generation Y is breaking parenting patterns that were already shaken up by the previous generation, and the adults of tomorrow will still be very different. We want a different world? Has a more human face? It requires being honest with yourself and living humanly for us. Live and not survive.

As we age people assert more and more what they are (not counting the energies of the moment that we receive). No more pretense and appearance. The differences or commonalities become obvious.

The couple is built every day. Vigilance is required, nothing can be taken for granted. In a time of crisis, there are two possibilities. Either the two people decide to fight together to see if it is possible to adjust and pass this course. Either only one of the two people tries to fight in deaf dialogue and the couple is doomed to failure. Because one is satisfied with emotional security when the other wants love.

It takes two to want things to work. Leaving each other, is this death? A little but for a rebirth. Because emotional security can become so sordid that it tastes like death and turns us into zombies. The two people can cross the steps of non-respect and unload on each other in total freedom!

We must undertake together and share with respect for others or give up.

How to follow your aspirations? To know how to act?

There are several questions to ask. Do I get as much as I give?

Am I in joy?

Am I looking forward to sharing my day with my partner? Do I consider him or her to be my confidant? Do I want or need to share my life with him or her? Need is not envy.

It is important to cultivate non-judgment in answering this kind of question.

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