Love: the alchemy of two moving energies!

When the madness of loving becomes a reason to live!

All love stories are unique, it is in the new that what is most beautiful and craziest is created, the attraction of two hearts in turmoil who seek each other, find each other and never leave each other. Like magnets that attract each other to melt into each other. No one can explain this strange alchemy that takes you by surprise and sends you into another dimension of life.

When love stretches out its arms to you, it caresses you with its silk sheets. He seduces you without warning you of his fires. He invites you to experience the unknown. It takes you where you don’t expect it, it grabs you and doesn’t let go until you succumb. There is no more fear or restraint, just bodies in tune that embrace to form a duo and never think solo again.

When you dive into this state of love, you have the feeling of losing yourself in an unknown territory, where you have to learn new bearings, those of the heart. When love shivers in your soul, you are no longer on the same frequency, you emit more intense signals. Unveiling around you, a new decor where the colors are more vivid, the smells sweeter and the sounds more catchy. You become a stranger to yourself. You get to know yourself again. You are surprised by the vibrations which raise you towards other aspirations. The other becomes a heart to take, a body to surprise, a soul to conquer, a story to cherish…

Love is then this hand that stretches out to guide you towards what intoxicates you. The other takes hold of your being, you become one and the same heart, one and the same body to play the same score. Your destinies unite to travel the same path together and share your singularities. You walk side by side and even distance no longer separates you in this power to love. You form a perfect unity, a sensitive and harmonious whole, listening to one another in a touching reciprocity like a symbiosis which carries you on the wings of your destiny. Your thoughts overlap, your desires marry, your dreams grow and come together for a two-sided life plan where all hopes become permitted. Suddenly, you are no longer alone, you combine desires and promises in this beautiful harmony. To be for each other the anchor that keeps you in balance when everything sometimes goes adrift. And you cultivate this solidity so as never to bend under the weight of the vagaries and constraints of existence.

 Love becomes your country, your land of life.

See in the eyes of the other the reflection of your spirit. Smile at the sweetness of his heart. Traveling through the infinity of his desire. Climb to the peak of ecstasy and make your bodies dance even harder. The other becomes this artificial paradise that ignites sparks in your coldness and releases your senses to make them sparkle with its essence. And it is in the mirror of your languid sighs that you look at your future while murmuring together a happier refrain, that of your loving hearts. You roll out the carpet of your emotions under your feet and you deploy in the sky the audacity to want to try everything. Together you feel stronger. You no longer want any limit to your future, you raise your eyes together to look at the shining star to remind you of your commitment to this intention of loving each other.

When love falls on you, it inscribes itself in your flesh in tattooed letters with eternal ink. The other opens the door of his heart to invite you to enter. Your hearts merge and resonate within each other to sing the same music. You learn to take care of what is offered to you and you become aware of this act of mutual trust. Softness becomes your ally, sensuality your tempo, warmth your echo. And it is in the meeting of your temperaments in turmoil that another way of loving is woven which becomes the base of your relationship as a couple. The heart is in tune with what is to be shared, its beats mark the rhythm of this incarnated sensuality and together you visit new lands where you understand the importance of communicating, of dialogue,

When the other hands you his pen, you write together a page of love and you take the time to make a whole collection of it to read on rainy evenings, when the storm is brewing, when lightning streaks the sky with his doubts. Each word becomes a restorative elixir, a balm to erase sorrows and to wipe away tears and to allow you to draw strength from it to start loving yourself again and always stronger…Love becomes a creative art, it allows you to draw more cheerful thoughts in the middle of the clouds, truer portraits to counter the torments. It becomes an inkwell available to trace all the whispered words on each wall and on each barrier to cross. Each obstacle turns into a challenge and becomes an opportunity to love each other even more.

When two beings move towards each other, time stops, space expands and opens up to infinity. There are no more restrictions. Just the need to make room for this other that we recognize. It is in the energy of this vibration that the need to unite to live the intensity of what is revealed is born. When love decides to strike, it does not take shortcuts, it traces its route to the loved one. The movement of the heart unfolds and envelops the other to protect him and to warm him. He no longer wants to run away and he agrees to stop to enjoy the moment of love.

So do not be afraid of love, it is an incarnate divinity that you must honor even when your heart is cold and suffering from its sorrows. The sincerity of the feelings of love as well as the depth of what is experienced, makes it possible to consolidate the tremors which sometimes weaken the fears of loving. Leave the door open to this desire which must continue by circulating the flow of life. Each love story carries its particularity, despite the disappointments, each one is worth living, keeping the hope of letting the other you don’t know yet, drift to your heart to get there. install and join you in a new story to celebrate! Don’t get impatient, love is there when you least expect it, at the right time! Keep your heart open to this possibility‚Ķ