Love yourself enough to know when it’s time to go

Knowing when it will be time for us to step out of a person’s life, so that we can stay in his mind as a good memory and not a hateful past, is not easy.

Knowing how to say goodbye is the art of suffering, but also of learning.

According to a study published on the website , the main reason you decide to move away from a person and end the relationship you have with them is the feeling of inequality in the couple.

The members of the couple do not invest in the same way, and the suffering weighs more in the balance than the few benefits drawn from the relationship.

There is always a moment when it is necessary to leave, even if you don’t know where to go, even if you have bare feet and empty hands. It is only by going that we will allow our hearts to be happy again.

Love and suffering should never go hand in hand in a romantic relationship ; However, not everyone understood this well, since the concept of “romantic love” leads us to believe in misconceptions.

When to go is the only option available to us

A couple relationship, like any living organism, suffers from continuous changes. However, the purpose of each change is to strengthen ties and allow them to get to know each other much better without either of the two members of the couple losing too much. The relationship must be self-evident and fluid.

Love is above all a choice that we make in complete freedom. However, often it is also one of the main causes of human suffering.

Before falling into these states of emotional suffering, it is necessary to know how to say goodbye in time, in order to avoid making truly destructive situations last longer.

Here are the main aspects that we should take into account in order to understand that “going away is the only option available to us”.

  • Ask yourself if the problem that brought you to your current situation has a solution.
  • In a crisis situation, it is necessary that both parties make an effort, or at least that each be aware of the other. Any imbalance means that only one part offers its energy, its illusion and its personal sacrifices while the other is content to receive without offering anything in return.
  • Try to project your current situation into the distant future. Do you think that in 10 years, you would be happy if things did not change and stay where they are today?

If by asking yourself these questions, you tell yourself that nothing is possible and that there is no solution, then you must find within yourself the strength to say goodbye, to walk away, and to put an end to this personal and emotional cycle loaded with suffering.

Ideas that keep us from being able to end a romantic relationship

In a relationship , we get attached to certain mistaken beliefs and other emotions that, if the relationship goes badly, often prevent us from being objective and seeing reality in the face.

Always remember that it is not love that is blind, but the false illusions that we ourselves construct.

Usually, art represents love with a blindfold and wings on the back: the blindfold prevents us from seeing the obstacles that come our way, but luckily our wings allow us to avoid and overcome them. .

Ideas that keep us from ending a relationship are actually many commas and a dot that, far from saving the relationship , instead will make unnecessary suffering last longer that affects our self-esteem.

This is why it is important to take these few aspects into account:

  • Avoid lying to yourself, even if things don’t always turn out the way you hoped. Perhaps you have forgiven more things than necessary, which would have led you to forget where your limits are, or to no longer realize that the “let’s try our luck” now rings false since nothing ever changes …
  • The other will not change for you. In fact, people don’t change; they just never were as you first saw them, and that is something you should not forget. No one can change their way of being overnight, no matter how strong the urge to improve.
  • Suffering for love is a heroic or romantic act; it is a way of self-destruction. If you’ve been told that being in a relationship means suffering and struggling continuously, then you’ve been lied to. Being in a relationship means knowing how to build and love without the suffering being anything other than circumstantial.
  • Don’t be afraid of loneliness. According to a study carried out by researchers at Birgham Young University in Utah (United States), one of the main fears people have is “being alone”. Many prefer to be in bad company rather than alone. Never adopt this philosophy.

Love yourself enough to know when it will be time to leave; it will always be better to be alone rather than alongside a person who opposes our happiness , our inner balance.

To love is not to give everything without receiving anything in return, but it is to be aware that one deserves a certain recognition, a certain respect.

To love and to be loved is an art, it is the skill of cultivating true tenderness.

Source:  Nos