3 Tips on How To Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

Loving a person who doesn’t love you is a difficult situation to accept and manage and to remedy it you must therefore ask yourself the right questions such as: how to act when you have to love someone who doesn’t love you? How to accept and then change the fact of not being loved in return? And above all, how to make this person fall in love without asking too much?

In this article, I wanted to provide you with some keys so that you manage to manage events as well as possible and above all that you keep control of your feelings. The objective is indeed to adopt the best possible behavior but also to communicate effectively in order to reverse the trend and push this person you love to feel attraction for you. But there is also another possibility that I will mention at the end!

How do you come to love someone who doesn’t love you?

There are 3 cases in which we can be brought to love someone who does not love us in return. Sometimes it’s about someone you’ve been or are in a relationship with, and other times it’s when you secretly love someone and feel that the we have no chance or that  his feelings are more friendly than  romantic.

So there is a difference between loving someone who doesn’t love you and loving someone who doesn’t love you anymore, even if the result is the same, since it’s a one-sided love.

Loving someone loving someone else after a breakup

After a breakup, some exes manage to turn the page very quickly and no longer feel the slightest attachment to the person left behind. Conversely, others remain very attached and find it difficult to draw a line under their story, love is still very strong and omnipresent. As I often hear, in love there is always one who suffers more than the other… We feel that there is a clear imbalance and that is why it is so difficult to live with.

There is nothing worse than loving without being loved in return…

A fortiori when we spent years together, when we had confidence in his/her partner, when we built a family, when we carried out projects and when we based our life on that of our other half. , it is difficult to go back and find yourself alone.

Very often, loving someone who no longer loves you is the consequence of a breakup that is difficult to accept. Moreover, in some cases there is no official breakup, you can stay in a relationship but become a roommate and let the time pass without having romantic feelings.

Loved and not loved in return while we are in a relationship!

What I call unilateral love is extremely painful to experience, especially when in the past there has been love between the partners. These are couples who do not want to separate but in which one of the two partners has told the other, or has shown it to him, that love is no longer there.

Whether it’s verbal or gradually drifting away, falling out of love with someone you love is extremely hurtful. It is notably for this reason and in order to prevent the other from suffering continuously that most of the time the separation is inevitable.

But it’s not just couples who suffer. Loving someone who doesn’t love you can also happen to a single person…

I love a person who doesn’t love me!

You might think that to truly love someone, that love has to be shared, otherwise it’s not totally love. However, certain events cause us to feel things that are not reciprocated.

However, in some situations, there are feelings of love without ever having been in a relationship.

Falling in love  with someone, whether it’s a stranger you meet on public transport or in the evening, a colleague, a friend with whom there are many affinities, happened very quickly.

However, in this type of case, you sometimes go a little fast and a confusion between love and passion can arise. Loving a man who doesn’t love you or loving a woman who doesn’t love you doesn’t mean that things can’t change, but you have to take the time to seduce, in order to foster rapprochement.

It is therefore possible to launch or relaunch love, but you still have to do it properly…

Loving someone who doesn’t love us: The 3 rules to reverse the trend!

Loving someone who doesn’t love you is not inevitable and for the vast majority of people it is possible to make things happen. Indeed, the goal when you have feelings is not to stay in your corner moping around because you will never be loved in return. On the contrary, it is necessary to act in order to cause an electric shock to awaken the feelings of this man or this woman that you love. And for that, there are some rules to know and master.

Rule #1 in one-sided love!

When a love is not reciprocated, the first action to take will not be directly towards the person you love, but towards you! Indeed, you will have to learn to channel what you feel to avoid getting carried away or even worse to seem acquired or acquired because that would ruin any chance of seduction.

I am aware that this is a delicate situation in which many people allow themselves to be controlled by their emotions. However, if you want to be able to move forward, it’s just the opposite that you have to do in order to have an opportunity then to live the relationship you have dreamed of.

The more control you have, the better your chances of initiating or reigniting attraction and love.

Rule #2 when you’re in love with someone who isn’t…

When you start to love someone who doesn’t love you, there is one thing to absolutely avoid. But if you have already realized it, I assure you, you can catch up, however from now on you must absolutely stop reproducing this error.

Know that you don’t seduce or win someone back by confessing your feelings. In love, the inaccessible side is essential and when we have feelings we often tend to forget it or rather not to take it into account because we want to do it quickly.

Also, if you focus on how you feel, you’ll come across as someone who only thinks about themselves. Above all, the other must not have the impression that the message you are sending him is the following: You must love me because I love you…

Rule #3: Let time do its work

In love, there is one aspect that should never be overlooked: timing. It is therefore necessary to know how to be patient and accept that today’s actions will only bear fruit tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow!

You have to be aware that the first step to get in touch with someone is not to make them fall in love or in love because feelings will arise later. You can’t expect someone who’s never been in a relationship with you or who’s broken up with you to feel the same way you do.

It is first by experiencing strong things and talking to him about it that you will change your image. The goal is therefore not to create love but first to create interest and that is what will make the difference in the current context.

The more you show that you go out, that you have a strong social life, that you play sports, that you shine in all the projects you start, the more you will increase your chances that he or she will want to spend time with you. and little by little feelings develop.

When we say to ourselves I love a man who does not love me or I love a woman who is not in love with me, it is essential to take your time and ask yourself how to create solid feelings and not only passion.

How to stop loving someone so as not to suffer?

There is another question that often comes up among men and women who love without being loved and who begin to doubt: is it possible to no longer love or how to stop loving someone to  avoid heartache  ? I would like us to be interested in it too because for some it is the one and only way to move forward.

Sometimes, when we start loving someone who doesn’t love us, we can see that the love will never be reciprocated. In this case, it is better to forget it because you cannot make someone love and even less force a person to have feelings.

But for that, you will have to act in stages and I wanted to present the 4 main ones to you.

Stop loving someone by distancing yourself!

Indeed, there is an element to take into consideration in this situation and which concerns many readers. It’s the desire to stop suffering and to draw a line under this one-sided love.

To stop loving someone who doesn’t love you, it’s crucial to put physical distance with him/her. Whether in messages or in outings, reducing contact is necessary at first.

It is possible, when you wonder how to stop loving, to succeed in not suffering any more at the mention of this person and to no longer be in demand, but for that you must first think of yourself. Whether you are in the friendzone or trying to forget your ex, it is by forcing yourself to be more detached that you will succeed in moving forward.

Don’t be alone

It is important not to stay alone at home asking yourself questions, even in this situation the reconstruction is essential, except that the latter will not have the objective of pleasing a person but quite simply of you. restore confidence and no longer be in doubt.

When one suffers, whether in love or in any field, it is necessary to change one’s mind and find a little serenity.

For this, there is nothing better than being in a group to talk, to joke and above all to have something else in mind than this person who obsesses you. There’s  nothing better to forget a man  who doesn’t love us.

It will thus be easier to think of something else and therefore to relocate one’s thoughts towards the positive. So reach out to your friends, find your family members regularly and expand your social circle!

Take time for yourself and think of yourself!

Even if it is obvious that you have to fight against loneliness, it is also essential to take time for yourself.

The goal is not to depress but rather to take time to take stock with yourself. For this, I advise to meditate just about ten minutes 2 to 3 times a week and then follow up with a sports session.

Get help from a pro!

Finally, the last piece of advice for not getting depressed when you love a man who doesn’t love you or when you love a woman who doesn’t feel any attraction for you, is simply to get help from a human relations professional.

With my team we support you whatever the context but also whatever your objective. You will thus have effective and adapted advice which will allow you to seduce the person of your choice or to raise your head.

Source : alexandrecormont.com