My emotional dependence on men spoils my relationships, how can I get out of it?

Do you usually invest 200% in your romantic encounters without even taking the time to stabilize your story? Do you know that you are emotionally dependent and in demand whenever you like a man? How to have a nice meeting while keeping your life balance, so as to start a relationship on a healthy basis?

Where does emotional dependence come from for men?

In everyday life, you tend to be independent and overcome all the challenges of everyday life. But when it comes to meeting a man who is capable of making you fall in love with one glance, especially because he perfectly matches your expectations and is tender and caring, then you are going to go for it. then reverse your lifestyle to devote yourself as much as possible to this emerging story.

When we study emotional dependence closely, we realize that it generally comes from the absolute need to be in a relationship. You bet a lot on love and this is how you envision a bright future and you project yourself in this future life with your prince charming. I understood that this emotional dependence is mainly rooted in your painful past in terms of personal life but also love experiences combined with a loss of your self-confidence .

It is these two elements that today make up your need to be reassured by the man you have on your arm and especially the need to see him frequently because you feel a panic fear of losing him. By staying close to him you convince yourself that he will not be able to escape, and yet …

How to start a stable relationship?

Within the coaching workshop that I suggest you join, together we will carry out a precise analysis of each of the issues and this is why the group is limited to 6 places. This, thanks to practical exercises to help you better understand your past, your sentimental disillusions but also your mistakes and the good deeds to put in place to start a relationship with a man on solid foundations .

I will also present you the tools to better understand men and be reassured when it comes to starting a story calmly, that is to say without putting yourself in demand, without appearing in emotional dependence for the men I meet and without being fixated on other women who can turn around him.

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You will naturally learn to make the process of seduction last to discover the man who is in front of you with new desires and a stability which will allow you to be happier and more fulfilled.

How to avoid “false starts” at the beginning of a story?

In this article I focus on emotionally dependent women immediately after a meeting, but I also accompany many other women who are victims of what I call a “false start”. It is this relationship in which you literally fall under the spell of the man you meet, he makes great promises to you but realizes a few weeks later that he is finally not as in love as he is. ‘he claimed so and then decides to end your story.

This false start in a relationship is a situation that I encounter frequently and which consists of positioning yourself to wait for a perfect married life. It is the man who holds the full power and unfortunately you will not have the capacity to turn the tide. He will never be in demand and this is the reason why his feelings will fade very quickly and suddenly you will fall from above.

To avoid false starts, you must always seek to remain the equal of your companion and to carry out actions to make him fall in love, without placing yourself in dependence on him. This notion of balance is to be sought because it is essential, especially if you say to yourself ” my emotional dependence on men destroys all my stories “.

So is it possible to be happy in Love?

Despite everything I have just explained, you must not be defeatist and you must even less isolate yourself because there are effective solutions to overcome this phenomenon and I will explain it to you face to face during my coaching workshop. Join me for this unique evening during which I will unveil the solutions that have allowed thousands of women before you to blossom in Love and to start a relationship on stable bases.

If you don’t do anything to stop your emotional addiction pattern, you can only let your emotions get the better of you and continually make mistakes that will ruin your love life. On the contrary, you must now act to better understand your past, to live with it by drawing the necessary lessons in order not to repeat the same mistakes again but also to find the strength to observe how well you have rebounded to relaunch your sentimental life. .

I will bring you the answers to help you gain confidence to show your change and modify your behavior in your approach to seduction.

Men are not all “assholes” and you will be able to meet the one who will make you vibrate in a stable, serene, fulfilling relationship because you will have the cards in hand. Very often when it comes to romantic relationships, you tend to let the man control and you don’t get the love and attention you deserve. Now is the time for a change!

It is time to put an end to this archaic pattern and make way for a new seduction where you will have all the cards in your hand and where you will think above all of flourishing without feeling any dependence but on the contrary real serenity.