My emotional needs are ruining my relationships, what should I do?

Do you feel like you can never live up to the person who shares your life? Do you lack confidence in all your romantic relationships? Emotional dependence spoils all of your stories?

This article is the result of my experience in the field because I accompany more and more women and men who wish to understand their various failures in love and especially their tendency to live an ordeal because of their emotional needs and their dependence always growing.

This feeling very often pushes you to devalue yourself and to be afraid of a fear of abandonment which prevents you from entering into a stable relationship with a person who attracts you. Very quickly you will put yourself in demand, show your need to be reassured and you will not know how to keep confidence in the future.

To help you, I wanted to share with you my coaching tools in order to advise you on controlling and managing your emotions, but also on the right actions to put in place on several axes of personal development. Indeed, the more you will be able to find a positive state of mind and a high level of personal confidence, the more you will have a fulfilling sentimental life.

So how do you act when addiction and sentimental needs are ruining all of your relationships? This is the theme of the day and I invite you to ask me all your questions as well as to present your situation to me in the comments, I will be happy to answer you personally.

I’m always afraid of losing the person: how do I get out of it?

The first consequence of emotional dependence is a fear that you will feel on a daily basis and which consists of having the feeling of losing the person you love. This negative emotion can be felt even during the seduction phase if you think he/she can play with your feelings.

To counter this feeling and regain control of your emotions, you have to do what is called “personal development work“. In other words, you must deal with the subject upstream, that is to say before feeling the negative emotions that will trouble you, to be able to find solutions and move forward in your love life.

Investing in yourself means doing everything to gain personal confidence and be able to find the resources for your emotional fulfillment. To do this, immediately take a sheet and write down all the values ​​you defend.

The objective is to help you analyze well what you are capable of bringing to a man or a woman in love.

Really take the time to write down all your values ​​and the positive actions you could bring to a person you like and for whom you have feelings. By becoming aware of these qualities, your qualities, and of these special attentions that you can give him, you should be able to gain confidence and tell yourself that a man or a woman can only appreciate the person you are as well as your desire to bring him well-being.

If you stay in tune with these values ​​and keep smiling, taking a little on yourself at first, no one will abandon you because you will bring maximum positives to your relationship. Said like that, it may seem simple to people who are not faced with this problem, but in reality in-depth work is essential and very often without going through support with a professional, the results are not up to par. Very often the past is at the origin of this phenomenon and it must therefore be understood in order to overcome it.

I have always lacked love in my past…

During my experience, I realized that emotional dependence could essentially come from two sources.

  • The first is related to your childhood and the lack of love received from your parents or a deep trauma. You have never been supported and by dint of having heard negative messages too often, you have made it a generality that spoils all of your current relationships.
  • The second source is linked to your past but this time linked to your love experiences. You met a  manipulative person  who never valued you, always showed that you were not up to him and for whom you made many efforts, unfortunately without obtaining the expected results.

So you have always lacked love in your past and you don’t know today what you can bring to someone else. Despite exercising on your values, you are not aware of your strengths.

So faced with this situation I have a proposal for you: How about dropping your past, putting it aside, writing it down and then locking it in a drawer and positioning yourself on the future? How about being able to let your desires speak for themselves and create the relationship of YOUR dreams while remaining in reality?

As for the people for whom I am the appointed coach, I know that you have particular desires but that you do not know how to put them in place. So I’m going to ask you again to take a sheet and write down this time all your desires, everything you would like to achieve in your life, everything you want to bring to the person you love.

It’s a kind of brainstorming of your hidden desires and now you will have to write them down and then post them on your desk or in your room in order to keep each of them in your mind.

Each week will be a step towards your “dreams” quite simply because I will ask you to fulfill one of your desires and/or to work on its organization. You will see that you can take control of your daily life without worrying about the criticisms received in the past or from your loved ones or your future partners.

Overcome emotional needs through self-confidence!

To go even further, I invite you to generalize these desires to all of your daily life. It’s time to take charge of your personal life with strong actions and a change in all your habits. It is essential to overcome an omnipresent emotional need.

You now know that one of your main problems concerns this lack of self-confidence which ruins your daily life. So…

What are you waiting for to be in positive action? To join a gym? To redo your wardrobe? To walk tall with a smile? To repeat positive phrases to you all day long?

There are dozens of possible actions to regain self-confidence on a daily basis and to modify your emotions so that you never suffer emotional dependence again!

And you know what ? I decided to condense my entire method, that is to say everything I offer during my consultations, within a single audiobook program to help you overcome your addiction and the need for affection. who as a result.