Open hearted talk

“Only the heart knows how to find what is precious.”


Imagine the start of a relationship. You were each in a boat and very quickly you became one in the same boat. As time gets involved, the routine settles in, the children arriving you end up getting lost and you realize that not only are you no longer in the same boat, but that each one is sailing on a different river!

At this point, you have three options. The first is that you both realize it and you have an urgent urge to raise the bar. The second and that one is ready to save his marriage, but the other does not know, is not sure or simply does not want any more. The third possibility you decide to drop is the end of your story.

Do not be sad about these words you have just read, the important thing is to be aware of them!

Find the courage

It takes courage to realize that her relationship is in trouble. If you have the impression that you are living with a roommate, if communication is missing, moments of complicity and intimate moments are nonexistent, if you feel that you are in a routine and especially if all that I have just told you weighs you down, it’s time to wake up if you yearn for something else.

What to do ?

In this article, I give you the steps if you want to save your marriage:

1- Talk about it: find a good time and talk to your partner.

2- Do not accuse: when you talk to him, do not accuse him. Example: YOU don’t pay attention to me, YOU don’t help me. Talk to her about yourself, what you miss in your relationship, how you feel. It could be that your partner feels the same way and will be very happy to share it with you too.

3- Listen: listen without saying the following words: YES, BUT… because you are in the ego. If you feel the emotions rising, don’t go any further in the discussion.

4- Find solutions: together, find solutions.

A relationship is built and built. Sometimes the foundations were built so quickly that we no longer know what connects us to the other. Take the time together to rediscover yourself . Once the boat takes its alley look, make sure you continue to communicate, as goals and needs change as you get older.

With all my love.

Photo credit: Pixabay