Opening of the Heart: Open to the inclusion of everyone

The Heart is the key to opening to oneself. Working to open it does not suffer from any other priority for those who know that their path necessarily passes through the descent into this Christic frequency of unconditional love. To open the door of his Heart and to sink deep into his Being are only vain precepts when they are repeated to sit down without practice.

We are loved and accompanied by many guides who are just waiting to be able to help us more on the way back to Ourselves. If it is given to me to hear those who accompany me, I give thanks for their guidance by striving to apply them for myself and by letting these beneficial energies circulate by the diffusion of the concrete exercises which are proposed to me. . It is a time for concepts and it is a time for simple everyday practice, one exercise at a time.

Open to the inclusion of anyone

The synchronicities of life regularly create the circumstances of friction with a third person. His behavior, whether aggressive, mocking, nonchalant, mean, whining etc. testifies to a suffering that the person carries. This suffering belongs to that person, no other person is the source of this suffering, only the person’s ego decides to use a dissatisfaction with his little self to deploy a role of victim or executioner vis-à-vis others. Even being aware of this, this behavior can offend us and hook something in us that decentre us and lowers us vibrationally. The other is thus the mirror of what needs to be healed and transmuted in ourselves. Even while working on it, we can still be brought to rehash the day, the evening,

As I once crossed paths with a person, the thought that formed in my mind was that they represented one of the people who brought up the most painful memories.

My guides said to me at that moment:

If we told you that this person could have been your greatest love in your past lives, would you hold your grudge? would your heart always be so closed to her?

Wouldn’t you feel a great empathy, a great patience and an entire love allowing you to recognize her suffering without affecting yourself?

As soon as a person whatever takes a hurtful action according to my perception and which continues to affect me long afterwards, I open myself to the inclusion of this person in my Heart and in my Consciousness by looking at him as potentially the person I loved the most in another life , ignoring their role, their physical appearance and their personality in this life. The value I placed on his hurtful words or annoying actions changes dramatically. I then put a more loving gaze. I only see the externalized expression of his suffering but it crosses me in my center.

This is a powerful exercise in opening her Heart.

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