Rebuilding After a Toxic Relationship

Love does not always rhyme with happiness and fulfillment. Indeed, if the title of this article speaks to you directly, it is quite simply because you lived a story that was not as beautiful as expected, at least in the last moments. If at the beginning you easily found qualities in him, if the passion was present, that changed over time. From now on, you have to face a man or a woman who no longer brings you anything good and you have decided to get out of it. Before even starting this article more precisely, I wanted to congratulate you because you have made a big decision that will allow you to feel better.

Rebuilding after a toxic relationship by targeting happiness in love

For many men and women, happiness in love is simply finding someone who suits us and living with him/her. But this reasoning is false or at least it is not the one I recommend because it has limits.

Choosing someone by default simply so as not to be alone is not at all the thing to do because very quickly we find ourselves in a situation that does not allow us to flourish, we find ourselves in a harmful relationship. because it is not based on good foundations and above all we refrain from being really happy.

Happiness in love consists in finding someone who really corresponds to us and with whom the affinities will be strong. That is to say a person who listens to us, who certainly has faults but who knows how to bring us well-being all the same. I am aware that for many people it is a little too optimistic vision of love but I know it exists, I know it because thousands of people live it after discovering my philosophy. The testimonials I receive every day convince me that this is the right direction.

Everyone has a different vision of love and life together, for some it will have to be a lot of communication, for others it will take a rather intense sexual life to stay with the same person, for others it will be a psychological osmosis… But the common point is the fact of choosing this man or this woman for the right reasons and to live intense moments with happiness in sight.

You have to share strong moments together, have friendly projects and also accept that time is an element to be taken into consideration. Your life isn’t going to be like the Hollywood comedies where you fall in love in 2 days and at a glance. It will be necessary to understand that our relationship may take longer to be completely solid. So don’t break up after a week with someone you like simply because you haven’t fallen in love with someone who only thinks about them and who hurts you.

How to find love again after a painful relationship?

Loneliness is not the solution to rebuilding yourself after a toxic relationship . While you don’t have to get back together 3 days after the breakup, you can’t just wait and do nothing about your love life.

However, finding love again after a painful breakup is not always easy because we often remain focused on the past. Distance will also play a useful role in this step. Seeing your ex on Facebook, talking to him by text, accepting his appointments will not help you, far from it. When you have suffered in love, it is better to turn the page to better move forward.

We must also remember our mistakes and stop committing, we can, for example, set up a few more barriers, be a little less present at least in the early stages, not rush, not go towards the same style of men or women so as to start from scratch and above all to make sure that the past is not too present because it is the thing that could prevent you from getting out of it.