Relations between men and women: How to understand the other in love?

Have you often heard of the differences between men and women and want to better understand the intricacies of your romantic relationships? How to understand the other when it comes to love and more precisely communication? What are the trends to follow to be happy in love?

My experience as a  love coach  is a gold mine when it comes to studying the differences between the two s*xes, because I have the chance to support both men and women. I regularly analyze your needs and I realize that there are sometimes real similarities and conversely significant differences between the needs of men and those of women and which therefore have a direct impact on the relationships between men and women.

Small example, when a woman comes to see me for coaching in seduction in order to find love, she very often has a specific man in mind or a relationship model that would suit her perfectly, while men tend to have a personal development objective such as being able to talk to a stranger, to overcome their shyness or quite simply to work on their seduction.

Relations between men and women have always fascinated us because we are different by our genetics, the famous X / Y chromosome. What big difference does this situation make on sentimental life and male-female relationships?

In this article, I wanted to help you better analyze your reactions and therefore understand the other in love. You will discover that relationships between men and women often go beyond the simple difference of s*x.


This point makes me smile when I write it because I realize that in my nature, I too was not the perfect communicator but it is also the proof that everything can evolve. I reassure you all the same, I use my coaching tools to try to dialogue better even when I feel that it is not useful! And yes ladies, we often have the impression that your needs in terms of dialogue are useless when in reality you are absolutely right to seek to discuss with your man, because it is quite simply the best way to establish good bases in a couple.

Unfortunately,  men are a little more pragmatic  and will tend to express their love and affection through small everyday gestures to ensure that your needs for surprise and security are met and show you their benevolence.

Men tend not to be expressive in words and this is often what you criticize them for. It’s true that hearing sweet little words never hurts, but if you want your relationship to work, you’ll need to “pour water in your wine”. This is the advice my grandmother gave me when I asked her advice on “how to make a couple last? »And I love this sentence because very often in love we tend to  want to impose our ideas and our conception of life on others .


My coaching philosophy is based on this great principle of the human being: ”  men or women, we are all different  “. This means that you tend to express your love and want to fulfill that of your partner based solely on your own desires.

You thought you were doing well by telling him over and over again that you loved him but your partner (man or woman) rather expected actions? Trips ? Surprises?

This situation can generalize throughout your life. I often take a simple example that sums up this distinction well. There are people who have diverse and varied political views. This difference in perception and points of view is accentuated when it comes to building a  couple relationship .

Do not focus only on preconceptions related to the male or female gender. The differences between men and women are much deeper. To understand the problems or difficulties that you may encounter in a relationship, do not stop at this single criterion because same-s*x couples also share the same problems. The goal that you must now set for yourself is to understand your partner inside out and more particularly in the differences that exist between the two of you.


For a couple to function, it is necessary that the two partners agree on a notion of a life project in common. Indeed,  Love is no longer enough  because it is mainly based on the dream set up in the first moments of the relationship or on a great physical attraction which will tend to decline over the years for a majority of relationships.

So if you don’t have a common thread to your common project but a simple physical and / or intellectual attraction, you will have difficulty  building a strong relationship  over time. The couples that I observe and who last are simply more in tune with their “life goal” or the “why” of their relationship.

Behind every relationship must be hidden a precise reason that allows men and women to understand each other but above all to accept each other with their qualities and flaws.

No, this is not an optimistic speech, because everyone can verify around him that there are couples who are solid and whom we admire. On the other hand, most of the relationships collapse, not because of the simple  difference in the relationships between men and women  but for broader reasons which make me say that their life project was not previously defined.

Conflicts in a relationship are not always bad when they allow you to make yourself understood to your partner, so do not hesitate to speak out when a situation does not suit you but always with kindness.

On the other hand, you will never be able to understand your partner if you continue to rely solely on your personal perceptions and what is important to you. You have to show empathy to forget yourself and be able to put yourself in the other’s shoes.

And you, how do you go about understanding better  the relationships between men and women  ? Do not hesitate to leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer you.


Alexandre CORMONT,

Love Coach fascinated by relationships between men and women but more generally by human relationships.