Sentimental burn out: understand it to better overcome it!

We often talk about burnout for concerns related to the professional world, it is true that in the society in which we live, very many employees are under daily pressure from their management, the need for results is a necessity for keep your job and avoid being left without resources. Especially since the crisis we are going through losing his job or resigning is not a good omen, which can increase this pressure tenfold.

But this situation does not only concern the professional field, you can also feel it very well in your love life, whether you are in a relationship or you accumulate failures. Indeed, many people call on my services because they are going through this period or because their partner is in this situation and this breaks the bonds in the couple. You should know that this is not just any method that should be used to improve the situation, because it is the fact of being on the verge of romantic depression is a really particular phenomenon.

This is the reason why we must ask ourselves a lot of questions around this phenomenon and the first being to know how is characterized a sentimental burnout? What is this notion? How to fight it? These are the 3 questions to think about if you want to move forward and I will help you find the answers you are looking for. It is time to act and not to wait without doing anything, because your daily life will deteriorate more and more. So don’t waste a moment.

What is a sentimental burnout?

It should be understood that burn-out (BO), whether professional or, in the case that interests us today, sentimental, does not come down to a single bad day or a few clashes with his partner. You can have an argument with the one who shares your life, you can have a bad day at the office, it won’t make you feel depressed. Many people have a tendency to envision the worst too quickly and thus sink themselves into depression.

A BO ​​is characterized by irritability, permanent fatigue, loss of energy, it is a depressive state which unfortunately concerns tens of thousands of people. When it comes to love life, the signs are the same. Lack of communication, a lot of arguments, more dates, less s*xual attraction and therefore relationships, the routine takes more and more place in your relationship. When you meet up in the evening there is nothing more going on between you, you become a bit like roommates or you argue.

Unlike that related to work, sentimental burnout directly concerns both members of the couple. We must not forget that children or the family are also to be taken into account. When you have young children, who are quite difficult to hold, who do what they want, there are bound to be consequences for your romantic relationship. You have busy days and when you come home at night you have to deal with family problems after having had a bad day at work, you therefore find it difficult to relax at home and therefore you see your family as a “problem”. Suddenly you can no longer bear this situation and you are therefore wondering what is the way to get out of this harmful gear for the couple.

I feel a burn out in my love life, how can I fight?

For some time now you have been feeling the sensation I have just described and unfortunately you are unable to move forward. You are still taking the first step forward by reading this article in search of advice. One of the main issues, which is understandable, is that people with depression don’t want to take action to get better. Unfortunately, their condition makes them believe that over time everything will get better or else they are in total denial when faced with this romantic depression, which does not help them to feel better. To better understand the ideal behavior to have, I refer you to my book ” 35 rules to save your couple »Which will enlighten you on all the steps to take to improve your love life.

If sentimental burnout puts your relationship at risk, if you feel that your attitude exasperates your partner as well as your family or even your loved ones, you must rebuild yourself and evacuate this excess of stress after your day at work. Sport is an effective solution, whether it is in the evening or on weekends, you can let off some steam through exercise. There is no point in wanting to set up a high-level athlete’s schedule, 20 to 30 minutes is more than enough. The key is to free your mind and get rid of all the negativity.

Meditation is also a great way to get back on your feet. One of the strongest actions to do would be to tell your partner that you have become aware of your behavior and that if you take the distance it is to rebuild yourself and save your relationship so as not to let worries take over. . You need to think about what is wrong with your relationship in order to come back better.

My partner is depressed, how can I help him / her?

I am aware that most of the men and women who are going to read this article want to have a precise method to help their other half not to sink into the blues and want to save their love affair. However, you should not want to do too much and be oppressive (e), clingy (e) because this pushes your other half to put both physical and emotional distance . You must not harass him / her to say “I love you” or to hug you!

You have to respect his need to rebuild himself and tell him that you are listening. In order to personalize the actions and take the time to tell me your story so that I can support you, a personalized coaching session is the solution you need. Fighting sentimental sadness is not always easy when you don’t have the weapons, or when you don’t master the techniques. But with my experience we will be able to change things and rekindle the flame.

You have got into the habit of being in demand, of always being in conflict with your other half, but you can do the exact opposite and go up the slope while helping your partner.