Sentimental depression, all the tips to beat it!

Pessimism is one of the characteristics of depression, in fact, unlike other pathologies, people who suffer from it think that they cannot get out of this state and sometimes do not even wish to fight. A tragic event has occurred with this separation or an accumulation of bad situations in your relationship and your morale is at half mast. You think the only solution to your problem is simply time, wait for this bad patch to end before moving forward.

Admittedly, the latter has an important role because one does not overcome a blues or a depression in a few days. However, why let time take its course when you can act now? If you had the choice between feeling better in 2 weeks or in 6 months what would you choose? Wouldn’t you like to find happiness as quickly as possible?

Overcoming depression  should not be taken lightly because it can have serious consequences in your life. So take the lead by acting immediately. To do this, take a blank sheet of paper and list the advice I am giving you as you go through the article.


In general, it is possible to define  sentimental depression  as a feeling of despondency that lasts over time. This feeling of sadness affects so many people these days. There are many possible reasons for this state of sadness and permanent pessimism. And more particularly a breakup, perpetual arguments with your other half but also disagreements that push your partner to  take a break in the couple .

depressive state of love  therefore affects all areas of life through its repercussions. Because yes, if your depression comes from a romantic breakup for example, it is not only your sentimental life that will be upset but also your professional and family life. A tragic event affects your thoughts day and night, if you are suffering from these symptoms, and that is why you must act quickly to prevent the situation from getting worse and you losing all of your resources.

We usually feel sorrow, helplessness, pessimism takes more and more place and there is also sometimes a feeling of indifference, as if you could not feel the emotions that you once knew anymore. As a result, people who are depressed after a breakup often tend to isolate themselves and not express how they feel to the men or women around them.

Be careful, a simple slack does not mean that you are depressed or depressed. Too many are the people who, following a problem and a slight drop in morale, say they are in depression. Sales of anti-depressants are exploding but is it really necessary to get there? Are there not other ways to deal with the difficulties of life? The  personal development  or related disciplines they may not be an effective alternative?

In my opinion, there are men and women who are really sick and need therapeutic treatment, but often taking medication is not the solution to all ills. This is why it seems important to me to bring elements to know how to  overcome a romantic depression .


I was just telling you, at the beginning of the article, that you have to put in place concrete actions to succeed in getting out of it, but you still have to know them. Waiting for things to work out, for your mind to forget what happened is the easy way out, because you don’t have to make any effort or overcome the various obstacles that may exist. Plus, is it really possible to forget about an emotional shock after a breakup just because of time? I think like me you have some idea of ​​the answer. You have to give yourself the means to move on if you really want to get out.

The first thing to do to  overcome sentimental depression  and return to a normal life is not to try to isolate yourself. Keep in mind that you have relatives or coaching professionals who can help you and change your mind. Your loved ones do not only exist during the summer holidays or at Christmas, no they are present during the difficult times you are going through. This pain of divorce  or breakup, some of your friends or family members have already known it and will therefore be able to cheer you up when it is at its lowest.

Consulting specialists when you feel bad is absolutely not a shame, on the contrary, asking for help is proof that you want to get out of it, but more than that, it means that you have become aware of the problem and that you want to rebuild yourself. So do not hesitate to take your phone or your computer to call on advisers, who will help you get better. For this, my  personal development coaching service  is the best solution available to you, but you can also get in touch with me via the comments area located just below the article.

The  denial is also part of depression . For many people like you who are going through a difficult time, everything is as it was before, you do not consider yourself to be in a  state of sentimental depression . One of the essential steps in combating this evil is therefore to clearly declare that you are suffering as a result of the separation but that you want more than anything to get out of this situation.

Then so that the changes you have just undergone do not affect you more, it is important to change your environment for a while. You do not have to go to the other side of the world to recover your energy, your zest for life, and possibly meet new people, but you need to leave your daily life in order to make a good point. specific issues that you may be experiencing. Experiencing the same thing every day, seeing the same people, and having the same discussions can make your depression worse. Changing your habits is therefore an excellent way to get back in shape and  overcome the gloom of separation .

Overcoming depression is therefore quite possible by putting in place the right actions. If you want to tell me your story, feel free to do so in the comments area and I’ll get back to you personally.