Silent love in a man. You who keep the love for her deep inside you

Beyond any truth about love and the signals that would determine that a heart is in love, the silence of a heart is sometimes what upsets the most.

What overwhelms the interiority of a person the most.

That a man keeps in his heart the love for a woman.

You who keep the love for her deep inside you.

You the silent man who hears the sound of your heart for this woman.

You the sacred man who knows that declaring love is not that simple.

Love like a movement in you that you try to welcome, to control as best you can.

The silent love that lurks in the shadows and hides behind your lowered eyes.

The silent love that is sometimes afraid to come out of the night.

You feel then that it is better to keep your eyes lowered, pensive in the vagueness, to see closed in the depths of the night.

Love like a dark shadow that hides behind your gaze dear silent man.

The silent love of a man is like taking a path, feeling the wind blowing on his neck and thinking that he may be the one who makes me move towards you.

Silence in the heart is a path for a man who discovers his Love.

The silent love of a man is to go beyond encounters and go towards the one who will know how to awaken your heart. The one who will be able to hear your I love you and whisper it to you in the elusive, in what could touch your soul.

Men in silent love , there are some and they find themselves facing the night. Maybe a little lost, maybe a little extinct, maybe a little lonely… Yet in their hearts surges of love are born, desires to take her in their arms, to feel her very close to them.

So yes, I discover you in the distance, maybe close to me or not quite.

I want to take you in my arms dear silent man.

I caress you dear man of love without words.

I feel that your heart is at the sound of the universe, I feel that your heart is calling for unique and authentic love.

You then become a receptacle of this silence between her and you.

Words and the power of speech over love no longer have their usual place. Because the silent love of a man for a woman reveals a bit of poetry too.

One can speak of mystery in silent love.

A mystery that would approach the light of the moon.

A mystery that brings in the rays of the warrior of light that is the moon, those rays that you have seen in the distance. These rays that cross your lowered gaze, that cross your silent darkness.

The silent love dear man, the one you feel for this woman is the one that is guarded by the warrior of light. You’re not really alone, I assure you.

The moon will soon make this transfer to you in silence and in accuracy.

So it’s your turn in this silent love, you become the guardian of the most beautiful feeling in life: Love for you, and for her in secret.

Silent love is an intimate expectation. This waiting for the thread suspended between two trees that hold the bridge of common love, of shared love, of love in bond .

I know then that your silent love will be light so as not to break this thread.

I know you will blow on your hands to feel the warmth of your heart. And so dear man of silent love,

Will you dare to open your eyes to this expectation.

Dare you say?

Will you dare to simply say that you love her in front of the world, in front of the wind, in front of the trees, in front of her, in front of her face?

Silent love like a craftsman who weaves his silk scarf. The one who will make you beautiful in the night, the one who will bind you to her in delicacy. The one you will put around you dear Man so as not to be cold in the face of this love of silence which can make you feel so alone.

Waiting is a sometimes icy wind that will make you doubt yourself and her.

This wind that will make you go back or stop moving forward. And who will tell you in the course of a conversation not to like it.

Then you will come back in the shadow of your closed eyes and you will breathe again into your hands to become this man of expectation.

Because this man of expectation knows how to speak in silence to a woman’s heart, he knows how to whisper to her the unexpected of love, he knows how to sing love to her on the borders of tenderness.

He knows how to wait, he knows how to wait.

Love smothered in the cloud of your heart understands that woman loves the whisper of your mouth, the whisper of your skin against hers, the intimate touch that could unite you.

A man’s silent love is a sleeping encounter between her and him.

They don’t know yet that they love each other, they simply already hear the breath of their love, from their bodies in the distance.

The sacred man enters into silent love. He is discreet and transforms without him even feeling it.

The silent love of a man for a woman brings the two beings into the alcove of secrecy and into that of hands which no longer leave each other and which intertwine to become one.

Alone and calm, alone and silent, they discover silent love.

The one who does not say himself, the one who will not say himself, the one who feels himself, the one who vibrates, the one who merges, the one who caresses himself, the one who will live with silence, during silence and after silence.

Silent love is a cream that you pass delicately over your heart so that it no longer suffers.

It is the balm that crosses the body and takes the two loves in silence into the bath of desire.

Silent love is also the body that slumbers delicately in the depths of the night. The body that cuddles in the shadows waiting for you.

A man’s silent love enters through the door of desire for her.

The desire for a unique and so private encounter.

Silent, hidden and intoxicating.

You, the waiting man who hides behind that look of love for her.

So I would so much like to tell you words and words to show you how much silent love is a suspended time that surprises us both, that makes us die of desire for one and for the other.

To tell you that I don’t know enough about this form of love but I know that I want to accompany you, it will then suffice to offer me your lowered gaze, to give me your delicacy and your silence.

I may not be there right away because I haven’t heard your silent love yet, but I think my soul will know how to come to you to caress you .

Because the silent love of a man for a woman can be heard beyond the night and I know that that night I won’t sleep and I’ll come to you to caress your downcast gaze.