Sweetness, a new version of love : 9 Romantic Gestures You Can Do For Your Partner

Sweetness is an ode to happiness. It develops our senses and it comes to settle with delicacy in the universe of the partners for several reasons. It unites people and creates its place in love little by little. It is shared, experienced and grows in the relationship. She does not come so easily, however, because she must first of all, like a warrior, make her way to find her place within a couple.

A meeting is never random and will therefore invite yes or no sweetness in their version of love.

If some men or women begin their story under the sun of passion and fusion and will only go a short way together without feeling the sweetness. Others will transform, transcend this meeting essential to their hearts into a crossing side by side and whatever the difficulties. They will thus arrive at the power of gentleness.

Three gestures that we do spontaneously? Why do they make a place for themselves in the love story and thus achieved the praise of sweetness?

1. The kiss on the forehead, the kiss of the soul

Putting your lips on the forehead of the loved one is to kiss his soul.

At this point of the forehead is what is called the pineal gland or the third eye. Here is the direct access to the soul of the person.

This gland is located perfectly in the center of the two cerebral hemispheres and it is called “the seat of the soul”.

You will therefore understand that beyond the very strong symbolism that this seat of the soul sends back to us, where our whole being lives in its greatest vulnerability, relaxation and light. This loving kiss is an intimate connection to his or her partner. It will enter into a relationship with the spirit of the person and will instantly allow him to feel a state of well-being.

This gesture will affect our intimacy, our sense of security and protection that is fighting within us.

It is therefore with full confidence that we receive it from our partner.

We do this very spontaneously to our children. We also see it very present in older couples. His presence in our couple is a silent word of love that will play several roles in the love story.

This kiss soothes inner tensions. It restores balance to the chaos of body and mind. To touch the third eye is to open the consciousness of love between the two partners. It is to open up to the field of understanding, of listening.

The lips united to the forehead are the allies of protection and dialogue. The loved one feels safe and this will therefore feed this essential need in our life to fulfill ourselves.

So yes, if this gesture has settled in your couple, you heal the wound of the lack of security, of the lack of listening experienced deep down in your partner, you embellish his soul in the full creativity of the third eye which touches the light of love and attains the power of gentleness.

You make your relationship a gentle journey into the soul of your love.

2. Stroking the hair, the art of pleasure

The head is a very active erogenous zone in the development of the desire of his or her partner.

When you caress the hair, the hormones of pleasure will be released and will give the moment a sensual, sweet and erotic flavor.

The body has indeed several erogenous zones and that of the head is what is called the potential erogenous zone. Stimulating a part of the body such as the head, the ears, the feet develops desire in your partner and will make him want to go on other explorations.

This so-called secondary erogenous zone is an extremely gentle and benevolent gesture in the connection to the body of the other. It is a sweetness awakened to the desire for the other. This brushing of the hair is a true art of pleasure. It makes the body shiver.

Touching the hair is of infinite tenderness. This awakens unrevealed intimate spaces in the visible. Treating yourself to these touches in the couple is a gift of great intimacy to say I love you after the chaos and to find yourself in letting go.

Very often, if this gesture finds a place in the couple it is because the two partners have their minds charged, turned in the ferocity of the frantic pace. Leaving aside troubles and negative thoughts is not easy for them. So to strengthen their bond of love and find themselves fully in the confidence of their bodies, they abandon worries, worries by connecting together through this essential touch because they have understood that this gentle gesture reaches the sublime of oblivion, touches the delicate flavor of the desire that will bring them together.

Softness is shared, touched, sketched in the poetry of the skin.

3. Skin to skin, Me-Skin

The skin is the most important organ in humans. Five million sensory cells that gently wake up the body.

The skin feels everything. It is a memory of our emotions. It is through touch, from a very young age, that our personality has been built.

The psychoanalyst Didier Anzieu speaks of the “ME-SKIN”. Our personality would therefore be formed in the consciousness of the skin, in all the communication field that we have maintained in touch with others. We will therefore all our lives live this development of our consciousness with our skin which will be the messenger of our intimate and interior life. And so it’s once again a long way to go for softness in order to reach the ecstasy of the quivering of the epidermis.

We blush, we shudder in contact with the caress. The couples who find themselves in skin to skin offer themselves the space of liberation in the recognition of the other and in their own self-knowledge. It is the abandonment of weaknesses, wounds recorded by the skin.

We return to the awareness of our skin through contact with the other skin. We renew this resource together and we achieve sweetness.

Undressing and finding ourselves against each other in the nudity awakens our softness, our awareness of the skin but also our inner speech. It is not uncommon for this word to be from another elsewhere.

We communicate through this contact our unspoken, our silences, what does not come out.

The meeting with the bodies will put enchantment in this intimate speech of the partners.

Couples who like to find themselves against each other, body to body, either in a moment of warmth, or of massage, are connected to the scent of their partner’s skin, are connected to the gaze of the skin on the love, on life.

Some bodies will blush, others will be cold, others will be so hot, and then all of past history, all of history to be written, finds its place in the bare sweetness of the couple.

These three gestures are present in many love relationships. They were born under the dome of the sweetness that came into their bond. You will therefore understand through my text why we are more attracted to certain gestures than others. And if some couples are looking to find each other, I invite you to gently communicate this body language to each other. I invite you to consider that encounters are not the result of chance but a response to our body, a response to our soul which has gone beyond pain to touch the most unspeakable of words: sweetness.

Bodies are made to see each other, bodies are made to never touch each other, bodies are made to communicate beyond the visible, bodies are born to love each other gently.