9 signs your partner is manipulating you

The manipulation is sneaky and vicious. It settles slowly without you realizing it. There are still clues to recognize!

Here are 10 signs that indicate you are with a manipulator:

1- You see your friends less and less.

Your partner considers that your friends and co-workers are not good enough for you. He or she considers that they are a bad influence on you, that you deserve better than that. What’s more, he or she wants to spend more time with you.

2- You don’t dare to do activities without your partner

You prefer to spend your free time with this life partner even if it means giving up the activities you prefer to opt for their choices. After all, you have to compromise in a relationship… but how far?

3- Emotions change quickly

Your partner was so wonderful at first. It was the connection with your soul mate, that’s for sure! Then, after a few weeks, there were these strange and disparaging little comments… His moods are more and more changeable.

4- Everyone loves him/her

At least, that’s what your partner says. According to him, his network is important and he or she is appreciated by all. The others are envious, jealous, crazy…

5- You have to understand him/her

Because he had a difficult childhood, his boss is an asshole, his clients are idiots, his colleagues are lazy. Only your partner works like the world… When everyone is at fault except yourself, are the others really the problem?

6- Guilt overwhelms you after your discussions

After an argument with your partner, it’s stronger than you, guilt and shame invade you. His words were hurtful, but it is above all the doubt in your mind that tortures you. So are you the person if the help he or she describes?

7- You don’t know much about each other

You don’t know exactly where his finances are because you don’t know his real salary. You are not aware of the exact amount of his debts. In fact, there are a lot of things left unsaid in his holdings.

8- Your partner doesn’t really have any friends

Although your partner tells you that everyone loves him, few friends come to spend an evening at your house. The circle is often restricted and the few people make you suspicious. There is something unhealthy in all this, but what?

9- You feel lucky to have him in your life

And the other must continually remind you of this. Because, in his eyes, you are so useless, ugly and incapable that you should thank him or her for keeping you in his life…