The 5 signs of a man in love

Can you recognize the signs of a man in love ? Do you know the trick to translating what he really feels ?.

If you want to know what your sweetheart really feels for you, learn how to decipher the following 5 love signals:

1: He has special words when it comes to you

If your man gets honeyed when he talks to you, this is the first positive signal that he is yours. If he addresses you with sweet nicknames, sweet words… you can be sure his heart is beating for you.

2: He talks about “us”

If your man is used to talking about you as an entity, as a couple , when he speaks to his friends, at parties …, If your man regularly refers to the couple or automatically includes you in his plans , you drive at full speed in the TGV of love!

There’s even a chance he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. It means that your man instinctively thinks of you as his partner, his teammate.

3: He supports you

If your sweetheart is by your side no matter what, you can bet you have her heart. Men in love are more attentive and supportive.

Watch out next time he does something to cheer you up after a hard day’s work, or just when you need to… These are the signs that he loves you.

4: He shows you his affection

This is a good sign when your man can’t help but keep his hands out of you, and not just in the bedroom!

A guy who wants to hold your hand or hug you anywhere, with little kisses and little hugs, shows he’s hanging on to you.

A little furtive caress in the crook of the arm, a little back massage while you watch TV… are all signals of his love.

5: He talks about the future

What if your man talked about future plans, or even hinted at a long term commitment? Most men are very modest on this subject, if they consider this discussion, you are sure that he is not afraid to take the next step with you!

This is perhaps the strongest love signal for a man!

Most men find it difficult to express themselves, and to clearly say what they are feeling. Fortunately, by deciphering these few signs, you can quickly reassure yourself and understand if his heart belongs to you or not!