The advice of an expert to overcome the routine in the couple

Being in a relationship is a wonderful feeling, we share strong moments, memories, love. In times of joy and sadness, we have someone by our side, so it is a privilege that must be protected. Nowadays there are thousands of singles who have lost their halves because they neglected the couple. You have to fight this phenomenon so that your household continues to flourish. In addition, overcoming routine in a relationship is not that complicated if you adopt the good deeds that I am explaining to you here.


There are many signs that you have to overcome the routine because it has become established in the couple. However, in order to avoid an extended list which would also risk making you panic because you find yourself in all categories, I chose to keep only the 3 most obvious signs and especially the most dangerous habits in the couple


You are no longer interested in what he / she enjoys doing or what he / she wants. The usual everyday questions, about his working day, his evening with friends or his wishes for small banalities have disappeared. You no longer want to know the stories or other anecdotes that your other half was telling you and when you still have a discussion about what he / she could have done, you get bored in a matter of minutes.

In many cases you behave more like roommates than anything else because as soon as you come home from work, everyone takes care of their little life and goes about their business on their own. One in front of the TV and the other on the computer. Your only interests are the evening meal menu, the distribution of household chores or who will do what with the children.

Seen in this light, you realize that no relationship can endure in this way. But beware, this behavior may not be you who have it, you can also be the victim and I know that many women and men reading this article are in this situation. It is therefore necessary to act as soon as possible, that is to say as soon as one realizes that his story takes this turn.


If you consider that making love has become a simple marital duty and that you no longer have this deep desire for your partner, it is because your relationship is struggling because attraction is an essential factor in order to gauge health of the couple. The most intimate moments of life as a couple reflect how well it works and it goes without saying that if your relationship goes badly your s*xuality will be affected.

beat routine in bedWhen a couple no longer has any complicity in everyday life, there are inevitably consequences under the covers,

but these can still have different degrees. We can sleep with our other half only 2 or 3 times a month, we can also have a totally absent s*x life and no longer have a libido, both on our side and that of his / her partner, or we can even do love 10 times a month but also encounter difficulties at this level.

In reality, we notice a couple problem whether it is at the s*xual level or not for that matter when there is a difference in the frequency.

I will be clearer.

For example, if you used to make love 20 times a month and gradually you only have s*x about ten times, then if the context remains the same, there may be a problem. On the other hand, if you only made love 5 times a month and now you do it 4 times, then this does not necessarily reflect a drop in the level of desires of one or the other of the partners. On the other hand, if in the second case your reports fall to 5 times per quarter then there is indeed a lesser attraction, or something else which could give rise to fear not particularly pleasing consequences.

In many relationships I notice this phenomenon with a s*xual problem, which is not easy to manage, especially when one of the two is frustrated. This is therefore a factor to take into account because it can alert you to how your other half is feeling. It is even one of the precursor factors of tension in the relationship.


One of the main phenomena that can say that routine is present in the couple is boredom.

Staying at home for a weekend is not a problem, but when it becomes too repetitive and neither partner decides to take matters into their own hands, it is different because it clearly illustrates that there is a lack of fulfillment. Not wanting to make an effort and let the days be the same is a terrible  sign of routine in a relationship .

This ultimately results in a need to escape and we will therefore flee anything that recalls the relationship. We will thus wish to leave the home as much as possible, but without our other half, we will frequent a new social circle, we will have new activities. In short, we will find other alternatives and we will avoid spending time with our partner as much as possible. From there, the feelings will start to diminish and deep upheavals are likely to set in.

To avoid reaching this stage, it is essential not to fall into this situation or to get out of it as much as possible.


The routine in the couple can promote rupture because your nerves are strained. Indeed, living the same experiences for days on end without a real change is conducive to separation. When you are in a relationship, you must expect your partner to bring you something like joy, highlights and of course bonding. However, the omnipresence of routine in the couple goes quite the opposite of these essential principles. We prefer to rest on our laurels and repeat the experiences already known.

You don’t immediately realize that you take your man for granted or your partner for granted. Sometimes it takes an electric shock to notice it, and it is either a big argument, or a breakup or

a proposal for a break.

It is therefore by anticipating the routine in the couple  that we can envision a serene future full of happiness. With work, children, and the hassle of everyday life, moments together are increasingly rare, but that’s no reason not to share anything together. You must always  devote time to your relationship , interact with your partner and meet their expectations and needs to be fulfilled. Never forget a fundamental rule: you must give in order to receive!

Now that you have fully understood the importance of understanding your other half but also of overcoming harmful habits, I suggest you get to the heart of the matter by giving you the 3 essential tips to get out of this bad situation.


There are of course several ways to overcome the routine and I suggest here that you see together the three ideal ways to avoid the negative of everyday life when you are in a relationship.


One watches TV in the living room, the other watches TV in the bedroom, we no longer talk to each other, whether for the positive or the negative, there are no more exchanges. It is important to respect the pillars of the couple and communication is part of it. We can’t always behave like this man or woman is unknown

It is important to rediscover a dialogue in order to move forward and to do so, you have to have projects, something new but above all no longer be afraid to express yourself and say what you have on your heart. If it’s positive you shouldn’t overdo it and if your thoughts are negative you should not get into the conflict but talk about it while thinking about solutions.


There are simple but effective actions to overcome routine in the couple. Outings for two, without children, without families. You don’t have to say to yourself “Every Friday we go to a restaurant” you have to surprise your partner at every moment. Go and discover a place that will please your other half, go see the new movie playing. It is a simple solution but which allows to recreate intimacy very quickly and to overcome the routine in the couple.

Most of the couples I coach still stay at home on weekends, don’t share anything new and that’s where there is a real problem. When you are in a relationship you must understand that feelings are not acquired and

that the seduction is not over, on the contrary. Obviously you don’t have to go out every night and do amazing activities every week but every once in a while you have to get together.


There are implications for intimate life when everything is not going well as a couple. We often tend to no longer have this madness which was precisely our strength and which made it possible to take and give pleasure. It is also important to awaken desire and libido so as to have a balanced life as a couple because s*x should not be neglected. No longer making love or no longer having the pleasure of it is often what explains the distance.

It’s time to let go and have real s*x. You should no longer plan your legs in the air but play on surprise, you have to try new experiences, new positions and new places to make love to get out of this routine and get closer to the one you we love and want to keep.

Your goal is to be happy with your partner and for this feeling to continue into the future. Therefore, to overcome the routine in the couple it is necessary to act sincerely. Finding moments together must be desired, wanted by you and the one you love so that it has an impact on your relationship. If you run into permanent refusals or find it difficult to pinpoint what is not working, I suggest you consider a personalized consultation with the implementation of recommendations during a coaching session.