The behavior of a man who hides his feelings in love

How to recognize a man who hides his feelings? What is the behavior of a man who hides his feelings? What is the attitude of a man in love? How do I know if he loves me ?

In this article, I share with you the best tips and strategies to better understand a man’s behavior and recognize the signs that prove that he is hiding his feelings.

There are a lot of men in this world who are really afraid to show their feelings. If your man is not showing his feelings, there are several possible explanations to know to better understand his behavior in love and to know if this man is romantically interested in you .

In most cases, it’s not because he doesn’t like you, but because he’s shy or not yet ready to reveal his deepest feelings. When he reveals his feelings to you, he will have gained your trust and it is a very good sign to know if he is ready to commit to the relationship.

You just have to learn to be patient and make him as comfortable as possible so that he can share his feelings with you. Don’t worry, a shy person will tell you their feelings, but it may just take longer.

3 tips to know from a man who hides his feelings in love.

1. A man who asks a lot of questions about you.

This man is curious and wants to get to know you well before he can share his feelings for you. He is interested in you since he wants to know more about you and your life.

He needs time before he can be completely comfortable with you in order to share his feelings. If you are patient and this man attracts you, no matter how he acts around you, then you will one day know his feelings. It’s just a matter of time.

You should also know that this man generally does not seduce in the right way, because he tends to seduce in an unconscious way. If you’re having trouble knowing if he’s attractive to you, you need to learn to  recognize the signs of a man staring at a woman . This is what we are going to discover together in the second tip.

2. The “T” and “RGB” zone of a seductive man.

The meaning of “RGB”, which stands for Look , Voice and Mouth . These are key elements to remember to know if he is attractive to you or really interested in you. These are important things to learn because it can make it easy for you to spot the indicators of whether he’s attractive to you, but also to see if he’s a man who hides his feelings.

True and lasting love can only be established on the exchange of feelings, and this exchange is only possible between two beings capable of understanding and absorbing one another.

–Charles Dollfus

Often, a shy man who hides his feelings finds it difficult to provide value to a woman. He will rather seek to receive since he has the impression that he does not have enough value to give.

3. A man who will try to talk to you using excuses.

He’s not going to speak to you about his own intention directly, but rather he’s going to speak to you with an apology that brings it to you. Whether it’s a colleague who has given him a task to pass on to you, a news item in the newspaper, an interesting article to read, etc.

Often, this kind of guy will really try to have a dialogue with you over text, rather than doing it directly in front of you. It’s his way of not going too fast and taking his time in order to get closer to you little by little.

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