The best relationships are the ones you didn’t expect

We always have high expectations when it comes to romance. Whether it’s the influence of movies, books, or the relationship dynamics we witnessed growing up, there is a lot that relates to the idea that we make love to each other. . We think we know what love looks like, we think we recognize its scent, we think we are totally able to recognize it the second it presents itself.

Maybe it’s true. Maybe we can actually recognize it. Love is one of those things that you can’t always explain. But we know when it shows up.

However, the best relationships are not the ones we planned. These aren’t the ones we’ve been imagining for months.

These relationships are those that come as a surprise, when our feelings attack us sneakily.

On the move, you find yourself there, quietly in your home. And suddenly, something – or someone – pops up out of nowhere. Someone shows up, which you didn’t expect. Something you might not have been able to predict. That you weren’t even looking!

But you can’t deny it. This fire growing in your bowels. These butterflies flying freely all around your rib cage.

It has no foundation. It just happens. Like an invisible magnetic attraction, or gravity, you are unable to stop it.

The best relationships never cease to amaze you. They do not always constitute a preconditioned plan. Sometimes they are messy and inconvenient. They have many flaws, and require a lot of effort and determination. They are dynamic, since they constantly adapt to evolution and growth.

Of course, it’s nice to get what you want. It’s nice to have longed for something for a long time, and to finally see it show up. Sure. Of course it is.

But what are the moments we remember the most? The relationships, the people, the situations that we will find ourselves recounting in the years to come?

These were often things we didn’t know we wanted. We had no idea that they were at our doorstep. Because we didn’t know they existed. How could we have known?

The best relationships are the ones you didn’t know existed. And then, miraculously, they happened.

Yes, they do exist.

And they exceed even the most perfectly conceived dream. They are far better than anything you could have intentionally triggered on your own. Because they are real. And you’ll never see them coming.

Source: thoughtcatalog