Caresse 2

The CARESS: The gentle gesture that touches the soul

In this moment of solitude, I plunge back into my presence.

Who am I in this presence? By dint of running around, work, children, friends, separations, discoveries, haven’t I somewhat forgotten who I was.

What a hodgepodge, what fruit salad you say!

And if in this moment of solitude away from everything I took the time to find myself in the sweetness.

And if the softness is the one that invites to the caress for oneself and for those around me.

The caress that I give you.

The caress I give myself.

The caress in color.

The caress in perfume.


The caress: the gentle gesture.

The benefits of caressing are many. By this simple touch, the child and the adult enter into the hug and the acceptance of his body. How many moms and dads caress their children during a soft and family hug. Caress hair, face, arms, back. Kindness love. A simple touch can calm the restlessness. This is part of Cuddle Therapy.

The skin is a receptive surface. One million five hundred thousand sensors receive and identify what touches us, then transmit the information they receive to the brain. When a hand touches us, we quietly recharge our batteries and secrete pleasure-related hormones such as energizing dopamine and bonding-building oxytocin.

So why deprive yourself of these gentle touches?

Increasingly, sensory massages have been developed for babies because we have been able to demonstrate how this meeting of touch can create and nourish the reservoir of children’s needs and therefore help them grow with confidence.

The caress, a way of confidence.

More than an art, the caress is a truth. When I caress you, I offer you a part of who I am. I particularly offer you all the benevolence and gentleness that inhabit me and that I want to give you in the present moment.

In my caress, there is my interiority. There is my trust in you.

Caressing the being that we love deeply, whether it is our child or our love or our friend, there is this desire to enter into physical contact. The giver is physically and emotionally invested.

When I enter the path of the caress, I affirm my step in complete confidence because I am in my reservoir of emotions.

In my caress, there is my identity.

It is better to refuse to give a caress if you don’t feel like it than to make it a disinvested one from yourself and away from you.

The caress, a way of trust, a way of the emotional world that we decide to live together through our caresses.

The caress that can lead to tears.

And you then what is the identity of your caress?

What is the scent of your caress?


The scent of my caress

Blue Apricot Caress

Like an apricot

Like a bluish, velvety caress with the scent of apricot.

Like an apricot and sunny perfume, in the colors of the sky.

The one I offer you delicately in the blue of my loving gaze drawn to you.

Such a caress for our children, our loves… ourselves.

Will yours have the scent of blue apricot, or lemon with shades of blue or silver sky.

It doesn’t matter, the main thing is to enter into the poetry of his caress. The poetry of its intoxicating and thrilling power.

The caress to his children will not be the same as that which I give to my love in my couple. She won’t have the same bond but she will have what I am. The one who sings the blue apricot when I feel the desire to touch you.

The caress: a perfumed glove in the couple.

Catherine de Medici wore perfumed gloves. The story says that to hide the smell of leather gloves, the gloves were perfumed either with frangipane or with the scents of flowers such as violets.

In the movement of these perfumed gloves, if we decided to create the united caress in the perfumed glove of our couple. The perfumed glove behind which hides the caressing hand that will meet your body. Together prolong the pleasure of perfume.

And if in my caresses of love, I put on this transparent perfumed glove. What perfume I would put in it. The scent of intensity, the scent of sweetness, the scent of drunkenness, the scent of madness, the scent of desire and pleasure.

The perfume of our united caresses, the perfume of our perfumed gloves with which we caress each other freely and in the poetry of perfumes.


The Blue Apricot…or Pink Lemon fragrance

It is up to you to choose the scent of your glove…