The commitment between forgiveness and freedom

I forgive myself after so many turns, I forgive myself for not having been the one the others expected, but I forgive myself in front of you because I finally become sincere in front of you. I accept myself on my rocky and disturbing path and I smile perhaps at what could be the most beautiful turn. My life that of a freedom to be, that of being with you.

In the words “I will help you all my life”, I put the freedom to be together, the freedom to fly to other horizons and to be reborn together but also alone in my sincerity that I put in love . I will help you in adversity, in love in life.

I’ll help you when you fall, I’ll be proud when you achieve your goals. To have this faith in us is to offer the dimension of love all its movement, all its honesty.

I will help you all my life to grow again with you, I will help you because forgiveness in life together is to open our eyes at the same time to something that we will experience on our way.

The commitment then becomes an act of love that comes from our interiority like an unsuspected force that would make us forget everything that would be palpable and that would come to touch, disturb our meaning in life.

This commitment which would be neither a sacrifice, nor a denial of self, nor a request but a complicity in life, to the other to the one we love and whom we dedicate to love.

It is the deep commitment of being. It is a two-way agreement to honesty, authenticity, respect and this mutual cooperation to evolve together as two lovers, two friends, two brothers and sisters, two beings who will do everything for the well-being, the identity of their couple when the difficulties will arrive in full face. The commitment to be together and to live all that his partner will also live without judgment, without flight but with the heart, the sincerity of love.

Commitment is a lifestyle choice, it’s a path we don’t know. We can just decide it together and move forward hand in hand. Laying together the pillars of commitment, feeling deep within the very nature of commitment without it becoming something toxic in the couple.

Commitment is a mature attitude between the two partners because the latter must in no way assume the role of control over the other or even of emotional dependence on the other. On the contrary, the momentum of the commitment like the words of the partner at the time of the accident are those of a free act of love where love is stronger than anything and will be the strength in the couple to face the drama.

The commitment of love is not a sacrifice, it is a movement where each ordeal of the two partners becomes an impetus of life towards the freedom to be in the world together, even wounded, even happy. It is the path of conscious love in romantic relationships that invites our honesty with ourselves and with others. I will help you all my life is the greatest self-honesty in love.