With a dream in your heart you’re never alone

I fall asleep at night and already the dream is preparing in my body and will lead me to moments, events, people of my day in a mystery of sequences. What will remain then when you wake up?

When we are “good dreamers”, we remember our dreams when we wake up, but our power over dreams goes further.

Have you heard of lucid dreams? Dreams in which we can act to change the course of the dream’s course.

Have you heard of Treasure Dreams?

And do you know that deciding to dream is a wonderful power that is connected to LOVE?

Beyond scientific theories, the dream is simply the connection of our individual part of mystery with the power of our heart.

Dreaming of LOVE in its most beautiful romantic relationship.

The dream a part of mystery that comes from night and day too.

The dream a connection with our heart which acts directly on the power and the intention of the dream.

Enter the dream world. It’s already crossing a door where you will find yourself facing beautiful unexpected mysteries.

The dream intrigues us and sometimes sends us confusing and comforting messages for ourselves.

So what is this mystery around the dream?

Here is the mysterious meeting between the brain and the heart which are the creators of a dream world which belongs to us.


Our dream brain

To better understand how the dream arises.

Our brain is the actor of our dreams. This is where the dream activity takes place. How’s it going ? Neurotransmitters (melatonin, serotonin and norepinephrine) play an essential role in the dream factory.

We link a sleep cycle according to three phases: Awakening phase, deep sleep phase and paradoxical sleep phase. And it is in this last phase that dreams arise. During one night we chain three to four cycles of this order. The duration of dreams lengthens as the night progresses. The first dream lasts about ten minutes, the second about twenty, while the following can last half an hour. These are the ones we remember best, since they take place at the end of the night.

It seems that women dream more than men.

But how is the dream created?

When we sleep, our senses no longer act as transmitters of information to the brain. Yet the latter will create visual images without any need for external images and without our will.

The dream is built with the people, the places, the events of the day.

There is a link between memory and dream. At the time of the dream everything connects in the brain and it will create a new reality from all these elements.

But let’s go further because the dream is intimately linked to the person’s story.

It has a hidden meaning that depends on the experience of each person.

Sigmund Freud defines the dream as an expression of our unconscious, and more deeply of our desires which would be directly linked to our childhood sexuality.

In these remarks, we then easily understand that the dream is a fascinating door to cross.

This is the mystery of life, this is the mystery of our power. It is a treasure to be found and experienced on its way. And this treasure opens the door to dreams with our greatest creator in our lives: our HEART.

Simply understand that we are consciousnesses capable of DREAMING with LOVE. Understand that we are capable of Dreaming LOVE.


Treasure Dreams: the magic of the heart

Our power would therefore be directly linked to the consciousness of the dream.

Surely you have heard of lucid dreams.

This is a very realistic dream and very rich in emotions and sensations. The sleeping person is able to reason and even make decisions by acting on the dream that is unfolding. We are able to play with the dream and go where we want. This dream would therefore be in connection with our heart, our intimacy and our emotions.

Tibetan culture gives dreams an undeniable creative dimension. This category of dreams is called “treasure dreams.” The beings awakened to these dreams considered as teachings or even hidden designs for the future are people who are connected with their senses, their power of the heart.

These people would be able to enter the lucid consciousness of dreams.

In Mahamaya Tantra we describe this inner and powerful journey; dream yoga where the creative power of dreaming is connected to the consciousness of being.

To enter into this consciousness of the dream, the magic of the heart first quietly enters oneself and it must be fully welcomed.

To awaken this emotional center, the environment and the people can play an essential role in preparing this:

  • In a room scented with your favorite fragrances.
  • Primary colors of nature (blue, yellow, red).
  • Music of love.
  • Voice of love (hearing oneself whispering words of love to oneself, to the loved one, to one’s soul).
  • Put a notebook and a pencil near you.

This experience of treasured dreams must be in this pleasant and carefully prepared environment.

Then you turn off the light and turn your face up, hands on the solar plexus.

Motionless relaxed, let Morpheus the god of dreams arrive, and ask him to awaken you in the supra sensitive worlds.

Dreaming your world is essential. Between relaxed body, awakened heart and prepared consciousness, it is a space that we should create to enter into the magic of our heart, into love, into the loving relationship with the other .

Put the dream in the Love relationship to awaken the mystery in oneself, in the other and towards the universe.


Dreaming of love.

Dreaming is important. To dream is to open doors and release energy. The dream is a creator. If you can’t meditate, for example, to let go, dreaming is a good way to be in self-surrender and let your heart resonate in your consciousness and thus free us from what encumbers us.

Children are very good at dreaming. They are creators directly linked to their emotional heart center. They are able to quickly remove anything that encumbers them.

To dream of love, the way of love is happiness, it is a quest. To dream in your romantic relationship is to open the way to the heart.

A dream that is us. A dream that we feel, that we have lived or that we will live.

To enter the path of the Dream of love, it is necessary to bring the thought and the energy so that it is realized. We can connect with ourselves or also be in a dream touch with a partner . The touch of the dream the one that will awaken the senses to the dream, to the consciousness of our world.

The heart is limitless. Our blockages and our limits prevent us from living the impulses of the heart which sometimes slow down our essence, what we are deeply. We are beings to be connected heart to heart and to dream in the collective dimension.

Why not try to do it together?

There is no limit to the inner world, to this magic of the heart. And there is no happiness if the heart is not open for oneself and for the other.

To connect to the path of the dream of love, we must therefore find resources deep within us. We must feel that this touches our being and possibly the other being of love who is close to us.

We can therefore dream of two. Dreaming of LOVE for two. Dreaming in his romantic relationship. To dream of this heart-to-heart connection for its mystery of life.

And when this heart-to-heart exchange takes place, a mysterious and self-connecting world will sprout. It is in me that I realize my dreams, it is in me that I realize the mystery of my life. And when this energy is connected to oneself, to the heart, to our inner source space of the dream then it will come true.

We are guardians of our Dream temple.

Whether the dream is lucid, uncontrolled or prepared, the most beautiful creator remains the center of the heart because the mystery is linked to our greatness of being, our connection to ourselves and to others, to our quest for love.

The dream is an encounter between mystery and love that opens the way to the heart.

Dream together, dream love. Allow in your romantic relationship that the dream arrives in full awareness and confidence.

“A dream without love is a forgotten dream” said Paul Eluard.