Without words let the embrace | it’s HAPPINESS!

Take me in your arms

Embrace me!

Hugging is an act of love. The act of surrounding a person in your arms and holding them tightly against you invites love. Hugs increase bonds and strengthen relationships. And they are all the more significant in a couple.

It is both a demonstration of love but it is also and above all a unique moment between two beings.

If my previous article on the benefits of hugs showed you how essential they are to his well-being.

The embrace can go further in its demonstration within the couple to see in the birth of a couple. Hugs are a surge of love and we need them regularly when we live with our lover.

How then is the embrace necessary in the life of a couple? How far can this one connect the two loving spirits?

The embrace, the first heat

When we curl up against each other, immediately a feeling of warmth comes.

It is a fluid that circulates between the two bodies. And this warmth can be released in different ways in a couple thanks to various hugs.

All these embraces in a couple can reveal the nature of the couple.

When a couple loves each other, the habit of certain hugs can become part of everyday life. And I want to tell you it doesn’t really matter the nature of the hug, the main thing is to do it!

There is the extinct accomplice where just the glances fixed on one and the other show a confidence and a tender romanticism.

There is the protective embrace , the one where his crunch gets behind you and offers you all his confidence. One can count on the other.

There is the arm-in -arm strolling embrace . It is the most spontaneous embrace in a couple when you walk the same path.

There is the game hug , the one where you come face to face and you put your hands in each other’s pockets. These pockets on the buttocks that make the desire can rise!! You are drawn to each other like two magnets.

There is the spirit embrace , the one that puts you head to head. It’s a more timid embrace where confidence within the couple will take its place as it goes.

There is the fusional embrace. The two lovers hug each other tightly. You find each other and you support each other.

And then there is the passionate embrace where one carries the other. Attraction, desire, nothing is exhaustible.

And then there is simply your embrace of your couple. The one that you both initiated, the one that belongs to you and that needs no comment.

When a couple begins to experience its first emotions, we don’t necessarily have much to say to each other. We discover ourselves from all angles.

However, of course, it is our bodies that do the talking. The hug is what calls lovers closer and is the best way to build mutual trust.

At the birth of couples, we enter in a certain way into the warmth of the other and we see if the bodies alchemize together in some way.

Hugs will then become more and more regular, and love will settle in a recognized, common and intimate warmth.

The more hugs, the more we love each other

If there is no tenderness in a couple, love can fly away little by little. The embrace is precisely there to maintain a link, to strengthen the relationship in the difficult times that the couple can sometimes experience. Tenderness then can manifest itself in different profiles: through words, attentions and then the body relationship.

The embrace is an asset for the act of love. The more hugs, the more attracted we are to each other.

The fusion embrace is born. We melt into each other to become one. The embrace that invites the fusion of bodies, the carnal and spiritual encounter of two lovers connected in this same fluid of heat is an ode to the RELATIONSHIP OF TRUST.

The hug develops empathy and understanding of the other.

Indeed, during the hug, our body secretes oxytocin and this immediately generates a feeling of empathy in our brain.

We welcome the other, we receive the loved one in the heart in all his vulnerability. We only want him well, we feel an unlimited generosity. It is a reciprocal act. In this exchange we recognize equal value.

We give, we receive. The warmth and comfort of an embrace leads the way to trust. Trust is established in the couple.

The embrace becomes HAPPINESS.

The Happiness of being together, and the Happiness of being yourself with the loved one. Happiness that allows me to be in my authenticity. The embrace develops self-esteem and offers a unique reunion with oneself and with the other. It can go beyond the encounter.

The embrace without words and yet so connected

Going beyond the meeting…entering the RELATION.

Hugs show that love then flows both ways. When we embrace our love, we open up to its energy field and establish a relationship of trust, OUR UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP.

 The warmth of the two bodies embraced reciprocally attracts. It creates the fire in us which asks only to express itself more. The entwined bodies take their place and create their own communication. The latter therefore dispenses with all language. In the embrace, we somehow surpass the subject that we are. We are entering another dimension of communication and connection. We enter into a COMMON LOOK.

Every sentence then becomes a paraphrase in the act of love. We don’t have this need to talk if we are connected to each other’s embrace. It’s called the miracle of love, the ultra connection without words. Body-to-body communication!

From the embrace to the kiss which breaks all effective sound speech, the bodily high-speed connection invites itself. We are at the bottom, we are receptive without fog. The kiss in the embrace then captures all the oral pleasure. And there is only the COMMON LOOK.

The embrace goes even further than the wordless, it is said that a couple sleeping together strengthens their bonds, unconsciously. Sleeping side by side in love and being glued to each other would then connect the two loving spirits. It is sublime love, eternity which invites itself into the beyond of the night. Our minds meet, it’s the embrace that goes further.