The emotional shock after a breakup: how to overcome it?

A separation necessarily causes moments of doubt, distress and an inner anger that is difficult to control. This is a blatant acknowledgment of failure because when you decide to partner with someone, you want to make a long-term commitment and it is therefore a decision that is rarely taken lightly.

The more hopes were placed in the couple’s success, the greater the post-breakup emotional shock. However, it is possible to overcome it by applying some tips that I invite you to discover as you read. If you have just experienced  a painful breakup  and you are feeling the worst, you will very quickly know how to react.

The emotional shock after a breakup

The emotional shock after a breakup is a bit of a must. It’s not pleasant, but being alone will tend to create doubt in your mind. The person who made the decision to break up may well feel great pain, as well as the one who is left, and it is not uncommon for tears to be shared. A separation is not easy for anyone and you have to be aware of the one who decides to put an end to the love story is not necessarily the “bad guy” or the culprit and that he can very well feel a terrible pain during the announcement.

It is important to fully understand the origin of this sentimental distress in order to be able to fight more effectively against the adverse effects that can occur a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks after the announcement. The more brutal and sudden it is, the faster the pain will come.

This post-breakup emotional shock is particularly linked to the fear of the unknown that can occur when the announcement of the separation and the wish of one of the two partners to be single. It is precisely this word that frightens the one who is left because this possibility of being alone is often not considered.

But it is not the only reason. Indeed, there are other reasons that are at the origin of this emotional shock and more particularly the fear of having to abandon your family, that is to say of no longer having the possibility of seeing your children as you see fit. seems. The fear of never finding love again is one of the reasons that also comes up regularly. It’s always difficult to project yourself into a new relationship when you’re leaving everything out of a story.

It is for this reason that it is impossible to tell yourself during the first days of celibacy that you will be able to meet a person with whom you will feel even better. Inevitably, there is a phenomenon that also causes the post-breakup emotional shock because in most situations we can tend to idealize the previous partner.

This situation irremediably causes a strong emotional dependence and it is therefore necessary to fight as quickly as possible against this type of event which is destructive for all human beings because we feel useless and repelled by the person we love. To make matters worse, when one is emotionally dependent, the ex-partner feels superior and all-powerful, which results in rejection. Emotional dependence has nothing attractive on the contrary and this is the reason why it is necessary to stop as soon as possible to be too addicted to a person.

To fight against the post-breakup emotional shock, there are some tips to apply as soon as possible so as not to sink into depression which could have long-term consequences and on your daily life.

The 2 steps to overcome post-breakup emotional shock

The earlier you manage to act to fight against the post-breakup emotional shock, the more likely you are to get out of it quickly. You will be stronger and better equipped to respond to your ex if you are considering a romantic reconquest or to forget about him if your wish is to move on. To overcome the post-breakup emotional shock, I usually recommend several techniques, all of which offer spectacular results. Nevertheless, in order not to be too long and to avoid boring you with methods that would not be suitable for your situation, I have selected three that I will explain to you in detail so that you can use them to feel better as soon as possible. announcement of the breakup.

Post-breakup reconstruction: stop at contacts

Whether you call it radio silence, cut contact or distance, the first step to  rebuilding yourself after a separation  and overcoming the emotional shock post breakup is to temporarily break communication. This means that for a certain period, which will depend on several factors, you will have to stop having contact with your ex. Even if this situation is difficult to live with, you must take it upon yourself because it is the only way for you to feel better as soon as possible.

It is therefore necessary not to contact your ex anymore but also to stop answering his calls if it is she who decides to reconnect. I am often asked the question about the use of social networks. My answer is final, you should not delete him from your contacts, you should no longer go to his page or like his photos and you should not touch the different statuses. In fact, to avoid communicating with your ex or to stop thinking about her, it is imperative that you stop going to social networks. Do not connect donations on Facebook, Twitter and others because the temptation will necessarily be present and you will want to go to his profile. To rebuild yourself, you must completely ignore it, at least temporarily.

Even if this exercise is not simple, because I know full well that you have only one desire, it is essential that you resist in order to fight against your emotional dependence. The less contact you have, the less you’ll think about her, it’s mechanical.

Emotional shock after breakup, the importance of loved ones

I am the first to say that after a separation, you should avoid listening to the advice of friends or the opinions of loved ones for the simple and good reason that they are not necessarily objective in their judgments but also that they are not necessarily well placed to issue recommendations. Often, their own romantic life is not crowned with success and it is therefore not certain that he is qualified to answer you. It is therefore for this reason that it is preferable to trust a professional who has mastered the art of understanding and analyzing love. Be careful however, you have to choose your sentimental coach carefully and you have to privilege the experience and the quality of his philosophy to the strictly marketing aspect.

However, this does not mean that family or friends should not play a role with you. The emotional shock of a breakup is such that it’s perfectly normal to feel bad and not really know where you stand. It is precisely to get out of this doubt and to feel better that loved ones are of paramount importance.

They know you better than anyone and they are the ones you will have to rely on to bounce back and start your reconstruction. Thanks to them you will be able to smile again and feel better about yourself. You will regain confidence and therefore it will be easier for you to reach out to others and thus either regain confidence in yourself to recover ex, or try to find a new target.