3 essential principles to love your partner


3 essential principles which will make it possible to implement the process of liberation and love in full presence.

1. Our internal security.

This is part of our basic trust. Essential sentences such as I love myself, I am important to say for oneself will accompany us during our life and border this inner security which will allow us to be with our partner in a secure attachment. This attachment shows an autonomy of the partner who is non-dependent in his relationship to the other. He does not let emotions overwhelm him, he is able to be alone and calm just as present with his love by being in the reception of the emotions of his partner that he does not see as a dependency, nor as a threat or imprisonment.

2. Know our vulnerability

We all have our own sensitivities, our emotions as men and women. Learning to welcome them, accept them and then share them allows you to build your confidence in yourself and in others.

To be vulnerable is to share one’s feelings, one’s emotions, one’s experiences, one’s wounds with one’s partner. It is to be present in all authenticity and to admit that we are a body, a soul, a heart ready to reveal ourselves .

3. Accept the risk

Any romance is a risk. And you have to accept it to love. Fear and love are inseparable and constitute the risk. We cannot predict grief or new wounds, but we have this ability over the course of the love journey to feel the people who can truly accompany us and therefore to have confidence in ourselves and in the other.

Take the risk to give yourself a real chance at love. Get started and tell yourself that anything is possible.

So yes, presence in love means letting go of what should no longer be, freeing oneself from old attachments and telling oneself that everything is possible, even what is immediately inaccessible. It is forgiving one’s old relationships and taking back one’s place in full presence to love.