The Japanese legend of the invisible red thread  of fate

Do you believe in romantic fate? Do you believe that a person is destined for you on your path of love? The Japanese legend of the invisible red thread of fate that connects two people who must be together is a beautiful story that will inspire all those who believe in love’s fate.

For a very long time, in my dreams, I thought of someone, of this man who could accompany me to understand love. I waited for it, searched in my relationships until I was exhausted and lying to myself .

Today he is here! We began our story with an ordeal which is that of the long-distance relationship . But thanks to her, we both learned to love each other, to know each other, to understand each other.

But then how does one come to an evidence of love will you tell me?

Love is not a story of random encounters where love at first sight exists. If someone arrives on your love journey, it is for several reasons that will each time bring understanding to the love you give and the love you will receive.

One day, this balance of give and take is realized in the romantic relationship. Some will find it quickly and others will take longer.

There is in our vibration of love a person who will be able to accompany you on this path by giving you a hand. This obviousness you will feel it intimately, deeply. Certain signs will be inevitable and will in no way make you doubt this person who has arrived in your life and who is gradually settling into the space of your heart.

And then this evidence in the heart would it not be a stroke of fate? A writing that goes beyond the knowable and manageable blueprint that we all face.

This meeting that will transcend time, space and bring you together at all costs in perfect alignment. As if we had a thread that would unite two people destined to love each other.

There would be an invisible red thread that would connect people made to be together. This is the story of the Japanese legend of the invisible red thread of fate.

The Japanese legend of the invisible red thread  of fate.

According to legend, there is an intangible thread of fate that connects two people destined to be together. Derived from an ancient East Asian belief, the gods tie a red thread around the ankles of those who are destined to meet. Those who are connected are connected regardless of time, place or circumstance.

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A long time ago there lived a powerful emperor in Japan, but he couldn’t find his soul mate whom he wanted to marry.

The Emperor heard of a witch who had the ability to see the red thread of fate. He wished to see her to ask her where was the woman who was attached to his red string of fate.

The witch undertook this journey which brought her in front of a poor peasant woman who held a baby in her arms. When the emperor saw the end of his thread, he did not accept this woman in front of him and he made the woman fall, letting the baby escape. In his fall, the latter suffered a wound in the forehead.

Several years passed and the rumor began to circulate that the emperor would not give an heir, and that therefore a new one had to be found to replace him.

Resigned to never finding a soul mate, the emperor then decided to marry the adopted daughter of one of his most powerful generals.

At the time of the wedding, he lifted the veil of this woman and he saw that she had a very particular scar on her forehead, a trace of a fall from the past.

An invisible bond that goes beyond all senses of love.

This marvelous story surpasses all the senses of love. We can continue to live alone or with other people thinking that love is there, but if the person who is destined for us has not yet arrived, then the prism of true love will constantly seek itself.

Nothing can break that invisible thread between two people who are meant to be together. The person at the end of our thread will come one way or another, even if it means crossing borders or being separated by an ocean. This invisible red thread will link them forever.

I invite you to dream of your love, to see it in your heart to discover it at the end of this invisible thread.

Once this thread becomes visible for both soul mates, then the path is traveled with joy and deep resilience on all the paths of love that may have been lame but also necessary to find each other.

Our life paths are rocky paths on which we sometimes have to fall and get up. Love is a deep self-resilience. Each relationship can accompany us in this healing.

Because indeed beyond the legend, any relationship in which feelings of love have existed are rich in lessons for you and they will certainly have allowed you to see this invisible red thread which led you to the love of your life, or the love of your destiny.