The power of female professional networks after an abusive or toxic relationship

You can now implement actions through the network to reorganize your professional situation and give it new meaning when you are an employee.

The personal difficulty that you are going through or that you have gone through may have isolated you, that is to say that you may feel out of step with other women who seem to have an extraordinary, fulfilling, wonderful life between a husband who himself has a great career, children doing all kinds of activities with talent, and so to whom everything “seems to succeed”.

I would like to remind you here that all women have at some point been affected by physical or psychological violence , either personally or in connection with someone close to them – a sister, a cousin, a friend, a colleague, and This colleague could be you! In addition, another important detail that I really want to remind you today is that appearances are deceptive and you are well placed to know if you are hiding this situation yourself!

So everyone has their own way of hiding the situation: through silence, discretion or, on the contrary, the exuberance told of an imaginary life.

As an employee, how can you optimize and develop your network?

1. Collaborate with women you like.

You can connect with the people you work with to focus your attention on how to run a project as well as possible by finding new strategies and new avenues to make what you do grow even better.

Get closer to the women you like and whose organization and quality of work you admire: express your desire to participate, offer to contribute your skills and energy and, above all, benefit from their advice in order to study their strategies for success and success: Neuro-Linguistic Programming is precisely the study of successful behaviors that have enabled people like you and me to achieve their goals at some point by sticking to the methods that work and that work.

apply it, with my other complementary skills, to these very specific situations of domestic and family violence and toxic relationships.

Of course in you can tell me that in certain professional situations there can be jealousy and competition between women and that solidarity does not work when each woman instead wants to go up by “crushing” the other in a game unhealthy competition. Of course there is, but in this case I invite you to get closer to people who give off an energy that you like and who will perhaps be very happy to integrate you into their team, precisely because you are going to do this constructive approach to reach out to them, which not everyone does.

Try your luck, what if it worked?

“Your path is a path meant to help others see for themselves, to inspire them to rebuild. – Fun


When you knock on doors they may not open, but it will happen and the one that opens will undoubtedly be a great opportunity to seize!

And you will have earned it because you made that effort.

Moreover, it is in the same perspective that coaching work can really help you at some point to take off and give you that boost you need. Even in 45 minutes and even more in 90 minutes, we’ll be able to get to the bottom of your lens to really push you towards what you really want and are dying to do. Everything can go so fast too! Dare to contact me!

2. Professional networks.

It’s very easy because there really are hundreds or even thousands of them: so it’s up to you to choose and look at those that suit you in your region or elsewhere.

Over face-to-face lunches or afterworks or posts on the Internet networks led by people whose professional competence is recognized, you can find an answer that will help you.

You can also outline what concerns you professionally, how to find the techniques that will work for you too. Take advantage of this solidarity, this enthusiasm, this mutual aid that exists in groups of people who have the same affinities and the same desire to move forward.

Also pay attention to the themes of the meetings (lunches, afterworks, conferences, etc.) which can be organized in different sectors and on different subjects. This will further increase your skills and allow you to meet new people. And why not the company where there is a project and a team in which you are going to join to develop a new aspect of your professional career?