The separation of the paths of life

There are periods of life when “flattening out” is necessary. Sometimes we are aware of it, other times not… Sometimes we “see” that something is not (or no longer) right, sometimes not (or we pretend not to. see …). And then one day, the news falls, direct, clear, like a cleaver: “ I’m leaving you ”,…, “ I’m leaving ”,…, “ It’s over ”,… or, for the other part: “ This relationship must end ”,…,“ I must go ”,…,“ I must get out of the game ”,… The evidence is there. A turn remains to be taken, and the energy of Change inevitably sets in.

Why ?

For so many reasons in fact… all as “valid” as the others, on the human level, on the level of our personal codifications and our beliefs especially. But the main reason is still the call of our respective Souls who have been trying, for more or less long time, to open our eyes, to knock inside us to say: “ Hey, wake up finally! You have finished your collaboration together there! ”Only sometimes, it’s super hard to understand why. Where is the lesson learned in this whole “Collaboration of Souls” story? Why should we stop “collaborating” when everything was going “so well” (depending on how deep the Ostrich had “buried” its head, of course…).

And then, according to our propensity to hear the message of our Soul, this one will speak to us through our “flesh” physical body! And this is where the symptoms of a more or less profound discomfort will begin, which, insidiously, has been emerging for some time now: muscle or joint pain, truncated breathing, heart rhythm and / or breathing problems. , sleep disorders, loss of appetite, various addictions, feeling of being on edge or constantly on the alert … It is the Soul that knocks … gently at first, then more and more then, because it is his role to (re) awaken us. The key is to be aware of this call and to listen to it.

And the separation is generally a fairly violent awakening, and as with any violent awakening, it takes a certain time to adjust the energies so that the awakened one reintegrates his own body, his own bubble, in order to reinvest his own life, alone. It is the most delicate phase, the most difficult to live. One that requires therapeutic support (in addition to that of family or friends).

For the person who leaves, it is already a little “less complicated” (not necessarily easy or painless), because he has already advanced in his journey, in a certain way, since it is she who initiates the energy for change, with all the inherent risk-taking. However, she does not leave free of emotions (guilt, sadness, pain, anger, bitterness, etc.) and will have to consider taking them into account in order to heal her own wounds, if she has any at the end of this “Collaboration souls” ; it all depends on where she is in her own inner journey.

As for the person who “stays”, who has just been “(r-) awake”, more or less brutally, he undertakes a completely different path, according to different phases, more or less long and delicate, as in a process of mourning in fact (because a breakup inevitably brings about a mourning of the relationship, a mourning of “the life before”):

– accept ( the change );

– realize (the reason for the change);

– harmonize (re-integrate one’s own energies);

– and take off again (according to a new life path chosen alone, and, if possible in harmony with his Soul?).

It is good to remember that in any change, there is the best to integrate and that the rupture, according to our highlighting of its causes, allows us all (ex-spouses as children) to give a good kick to the bottom of the pool where we were all starting to sink (whatever our place in this “Collaboration of Souls”) and to ask ourselves the right questions:

– What was wrong?

– What did I not want (able) to see?

– When did I “forget” myself?

– When did I disrespect myself?

– When have I not (no longer) respected the Other?

– When did I forget him (her)?

Enough, quickly, and without necessarily making knots in the brain, answers emerge from within us and then we begin to realize that yes, indeed, it has been “a little while” since things were no longer working. very well… and from concessions to compromises, while letting the Ostrich calmly hide with small steps in its very deep hole, we let the situation stagnate, see fester for some of our “collaborations”… No courage, nor envy, too many prejudices, beliefs or fears to set up a change or just start a dialogue with open hearts … Obviously, at some point, the system suffocates and collapses on its own and that ‘ is the break, inevitable but so saving for ALL the protagonists of the story.

Therefore, it is appropriate, with all the RESPECT that we carry, whatever the role that we take (the one who leaves the game, or the one who remains “behind”), in the purest respect of our Soul, to grant us softness, appeasement, listening and especially TIME:

– TIME to INTEGRATE the situation and its new parameters (resulting life changes);

– TIME to ACCEPT the wounds that have been awakened in us with all their colors of feelings, and time to PANSER them, accompanied by a professional who heals the wounds of the Soul and the Body (many therapies exist for that, to choose according to our affinities and our feelings);

– TIME to TAKE CARE OF US and we (re-) feel ALIVE: live a physical activity to MOBILIZE VITAL ENERGY (Body and Soul), experience all other activities that we no longer did or that we did not share or more (without going into excess of course, the one that anesthetizes the pain of the Soul: sport to the extreme in particular …), to be massaged, to see people that we do not saw perhaps more, and which, however, correspond to us so much,…;

– TIME to get a new look, to change this relationship, to continue or start again to VIBRATE TO THE RHYTHM OF OUR SOUL ;

And then one day, without knowing for how long, we realize that the Light has returned to our life. ? The period of the “Dark Night” of our Soul is finally over to make way for the Spring Equinox of our Soul. Yes, the Light is there, because by taking the time to live each phase of this mourning of relationship, of this mourning of “life before”, and above all, by having taken the time to (re-) connect to our own. Soul, we have prepared this space of welcome within us so that the Light can (return) to it and remain there: whether this Light is embodied by an encounter or by any other event, this Light descends from the Source and fills us. accompanying us during our Incarnation, because we were again ready to receive it.

With a lot of Respect and Gentleness,



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